Opinions on new Delta 400?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by bill_zelinski, Aug 17, 2001.

  1. I just tried the new Delta 400 per Scott Eatons reccomendation on photonet and I am very impressed with the results using Microdol-X. However, in S. Anchells cookbook he states that higher dilutions (like 1:3)? of Microdol-X can give an increase in film speed. I tried some old HP-5 I had at an IE of 400 at the 1:3 dilution and the negs are very nice but a bit flat. I had never really had gotten good results before using HP-5 film but will now experiment with it again using Microdol-X. The one roll of new Delta 400 at 320IE and at 1:1 dilution (using the Massive Dev list time) came out really, really nice, maybe a bit contrasty for my taste but I will have to see how they print. Anyone tried the new Delta 400 at higher dilutions of Microdol-X ? I'm going to try this this weekend but thought I'd ask here for any opinions. thanks.
  2. I use DDX developer. I ran a HD curve and got a very straight line
    with a small foot. True ASA with densitometer was 320. email me if
    you want more info By the way it is not just the IE that you
    determine that is important BUT the contrast you are developing to is
    VERY important. Push processing changes the contrast but very little
    in changing the speed.

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