Only 2 negatives pr. scan w/ EPSON 800?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by morten_joergensen, May 24, 2016.

  1. Hi guys
    I'm shooting with a Mamiya 7 (6x7) negatives. I recently bought an EPSON v800 so i can do my own scans. I was a little surprised that i can only fit 2 negatives in the film holder?
    It makes storage really annoying as i have to cut them into 5x2 and no sleeves fits that.
    Is that really the case? I've been searching and searching, but i can't find others with this scenario. I also looked at but it also only fits 2 negatives pr. strip.
    Any tips or advice would be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance. Best, Morten
  2. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    I have an older but similar Epson scanner.

    You can buy negative holders for your scanner to take a 2 full 3 frame strip of 6x7.

    I made my own negative holder from thin plastic and a piece of glass to hold the negatives flat. That empty rectangular part at the bottom of the mask is important so whatever you make must include that space.
  3. david_henderson


    Just a suggestion. I have the older but similar V700. The holder Epson provides for MF film has an aperture 200mm long. That's simply insufficient for three Mamiya 7 negs/slides and their spacing, for from memory a single frame is about 70mm long. So its not even close. Sounds like they have done something similar on the V800.
    But if you get the superior Betterscan third party holder ( at a cost of course) the aperture on the holder is c. 214 mm long which might well accommodate a strip of three 67 negs albeit that you may have to trim spacing material away at one or both ends and you'll be hoping forever that your camera's film spacing doesn't wander- as sometimes it does on MF cameras.
    So before you buy something off eBay you need to know what that aperture size is, and if as claimed they are Epson parts then you might suspect an answer of 200mm which is unlikely to work for you and indeed may well be what you have already.
    I understand your issue though I worked mostly with 6x6 . There was no way a strip of 4 6x6 frames will fit the Epson scanner
  4. Thanks for your response. I guess I have to
    go with 2 pr scan. How do you guys storage 2
    negatives? Any storage advice?
  5. david_henderson


    The point I'm making is that the Betterscan holder might be big enough to take a strip of three. Measure your negatives to see. The Betterscan aperture of 214mm is a measurement not a guess. if three of your negs and two spaces are less than 214mm then you have a solution if you are prepared to pay for it.
  6. How do you guys storage 2 negatives? Any storage advice?​
    6x7 is my favorite format but I am always lost when it comes to cutting and storing the strips.
    I usually cut in strips of 3 and often waste 1 negative on purpose.
    As for cutting for scanning, you can still cut in strips of 3 but it means you will have to scan 2 then slide the negative along in the carrier to scan the 3rd negative.
    I have a very old Epson that can scan only 1 6x7 at a time but I still cut the strips into 3 negatives and just scan one at a time; at least my carrier allows a strip of 3 that I can slide the strip to the next frame but I am not sure of the newer ones.
  7. I'm not sure of any scanner that will do much more than 2 6x7 scans. I use a Nikon 9000 and I'm not sure I get more than 1. Its a good size negative relatively speaking.
  8. Check with Epson and their third party suppliers.
    My Epson V600 holder holds three 6x7 negatives from my RB67 camera. Surprising that there's none that works with the V700/V800/V850 series.
    By the way, my lab returns negatives cut and sleeved in a plastic sheet 3,3,2,2.
  9. hmmm well I have a V500, so don't know how that compares, but I cut my film 3/3/2/2 ... basically I scan 2 in the holder, then rotate the film to get the last one upside down ... that's then using holders.
    however normally I scan directly from glass and there's no problem with 3 frames.

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