Omega D2 and zone VI cold light questions

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  1. Hi all,

    I picked up an Omega D2 with dichroic head from a local photo club. In addition to the D2 I was also given a box labeled Zone VI Cold Light. I'm trying to figure out what I have here and what I'm missing to set up and use the Zone VI head. I feel like I'm missing something that will let me attach the cold light to the enlarger. And what's that third plug on top of the cold light? Any help is appreciated.




  2. There should be at least one translucent, white plexiglass disk that covers the grid. Maybe you can get one cut at a hardware store.
  3. I cannot remember how my Zone Vl was hooked up to my Beseler 2-1/4" enlarger. That plug might be for the power supply.
  4. For my 4x5 enlarger i had a zone vi variable contrast setup. I dont remember what model it was or the model you have. I had a stabilizer that plugged into the 3rd outlet. The stabilizer then plugged into the zone vi timer. Mine also had vc controls.
  5. While trying to find my model online I read that some zone vi heads came with an optional mounting bracket for omega d2. ?
  6. Thanks guys! I think I'm missing a few pieces. There was no plexiglass disc included and I don't see anyway to attach this to the enlarger. Also no stabilizer. The enlarger chassis came with the Super Dichroic head and nothing else. I'm not sure if it's worth it to piece the rest together or just go with the color head. I'm printing B&W but like printing with a color head to control contrast. Is cold light a superior light source? Is it brighter than the Super Dichroic?
  7. Funny, I thought about getting a dichroic head to do color as well as variable contrast B&W. I'd stick with what you have since you have it already. I too had VC but I cannot remember how it was hooked up. I'll post a photo of my D2 with Aristo VC head but it may not be pertinent to this. I used a compensating timer.
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  8. Well, I'm just conventional, preferring condensers and a bulb!
  9. Vincent Peri

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    Don't quote me on this, because my darkroom experience was 40 years ago. I had a Leitz Focomat V35 color enlarger. I simply dialed out all filtration for my B&W printmaking. Worked great!
  10. AJG


    The third plug is definitely for a Zone VI stabilizer, and the head should drop into the collar for the large condensors. You don't need to have a stabilizer to use a cold light head but it definitely helps to keep exposures consistent. A dichroic color head will work perfectly well for printing B&W--Ilford includes instructions for using magenta and yellow filtration to get different contrast grades.
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  11. Yes, just use the dichroic head. Dial in a bit of magenta and cyan filtration if you want the 'cold-cathode experience'.

    I suspect that that Zone VI head never saw combat, and was bought by, or given to, the previous owner with the intention of adapting it to the Omega. A project that never got finished maybe?

    Don't worry about it. Stick it on eBay to recoup some of your outlay.
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