Old NIKKOR AF 35-80 with digital cameras

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  1. I have an old NIKKOR AF 35-80 that i used with my nikon analog camera many years ago. Does someone knows if I can use it with a Nikon digital camera (reflex or mirrorless)? If possible do i need any converter?
  2. If it's AF, it will mount and meter with any Nikon DSLR ever made. It will AF with any Nikon DSLR with a screwdriver-mount (all except D40/40X/60/3000/3100/3200/5000/5100), but it will still meter with those cameras.
    If it lacks the "D" feature, there are certain metering things (for instance, distance metering with flash) it can't do, but it will still function.
  3. You could mount it on the mirrorless Nikon 1 with the expensive FT-1 adapter, and end up with a lens with about the reach of a 100-220mm. Focusing will be manual, but metering should be OK.
    Pictures should be OK from the central sweet area of the lens. Camera shake will be rough, so a tripod or good light is required.
  4. It should mount just fine since Nikon hasn't changed the F-mount since they began with it in 1959. I've been mounting some old lenses from the 1920s to my Nikon D300, just for fun. So yes, classic and historical lenses can be used, especially if you want a different look than what modern lenses give.
    Kent in SD
  5. Thanks Peter, Mike and Kent for your answers. I think i will try.
  6. If your lens is the metal mount 35-80, I think you will be pleasantly surprised how good it is. I had that lens on an N50 back in the day, and shot a fair bit of E6 with it. While not a fast lens, it did produce sharp images on a consistent basis.
  7. Heh, that's not old. Nikon only began making a 35-80 (according to photosynthesis, Link:
    http://www.photosynthesis.co.nz/nikon/lenses.html) in 1994.
  8. Yes Joel, I think its more or less when i bought it. i just said old is because it was before the digital :) So you are right.
  9. I agree with Joel. Anything that's AF isn't old.
  10. Hi Kent,
    I've been mounting some old lenses from the 1920s to my Nikon D300, just for fun​
    How did you get around the AI cut problem? Did you AI the lenses or build an adapter?
  11. Built an adapter. Basically, an extension tube with some black plastic tubing clamped on, and a metal strip screwed into the tripod hole. Am also looking to simply mount to the back of my 4x5 using a thin sheet of aluminum and using the extenstion tube. Here's the ultimate--a professionally done 19th century Petzval mounted to a Canon:
    BTW, for OP, if a lens has coatings on it, to me it's a modern lens, not an old one. (Coatings became common around 1950.)
    Kent in SD

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