Old Glass plate negatives

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by kris-bochenek, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Hello, It is so nice to have time to post again. I was confined to my basement project for over a year.
    If posting videos on things is not allowed, please remove. Also, what happened to them fancy stickers we had next to our profile names. Like how many years one was a member and such...?
    Regardless, I got a box of glass plate negatives from local garage sale. If anyone is interested in a short story about them, here is a video I made.
  2. Welcome back. !
  3. Good to see you here again Kris, and that's a really interesting video. As for the "What happened to...." query; would you like a list of subjects!
  4. Please to the list of subjects if that's what you mesnt.
  5. It wasn't a serious offer, Kris! There quite a few features, such as the stickers you mentioned, that seem to have disappeared. However, there's much to like about the new format, now it's settling down.
  6. Ok so I'm not going mad trying to look for these. Makes sense. Thank you.
  7. Hey.. so nice to hear from you again.. and thanks for the video it was welcome!
  8. Interesting that videos work. I found out recently that PDF and TIFF don't work. You can't post, as it won't allow them.
  9. Thanks to you that bit of history has been found and will be around for another chunk of time going forward. Good work. It's cool that the only person around with an interest and a darkroom found it.

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