Odd error message when using Spyder pro

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  1. I was attempting to calibrate my monitor this morning, using the Spyder 3Pro and received a very odd error message. I have sent a tech support ticket to Datacolor asking for help, but they seem to be backed up at the moment and haven't responded. I'm feeling pushed for time due to an assignment due on Monday, so if anyone can tell me what this means and how to resolve it, I will be very grateful -
    Error message: SanityCheckLUT
    BTW: The suffex of "Sanity check" made me laugh - but I suspect it doesn't mean what it might in more common usage - either that, or someone at Datacolor has a weird sense of humor!
    Thanks for any help you might offer -
  2. Okay - it's officially "one of those days". I posted the above, but left out important details (sorry about that).
    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    Spyder 3 Pro - have been using the system for at least 18 months with no problem
    The calibration process stalled at the white calibration toward the end of the process
    If it matters, I have Photoshop CS5
  3. LUT in this context means Look-Up Table. When you profile your monitor, the profile is loaded into a portion of memory in your video card called the LUT. The card uses the LUT values to correct the output to provide true colors.
    The message either means the profile has been corrupted or your video card is failing. Try to re-profile the monitor first. IF that does not work, shut down the computer and unplug it to completely clear your video card (the LUT is in RAM not flash memory and clears with a power off.) This is all I can think of. Hopefully DataColor will have other options.
  4. Thank you, Brooks, for your ideas. Sadly, I think you are correct, my video card appears to be the culprit. Thankfully, the warranty on the computer is still in effect - wonders of wonders.

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