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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by Jochen, Sep 15, 2019.

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    They will be missed--I have several Sigma lenses that have served me well on my Pentax DSLRs.
  2. As I read the link, it only applies to K-mount, not to other mounts or systems.

    It seems kind of strange to me that this comes out on Czech site? I see nothing at Sigma USA

    All the same, it's too bad. I'm sure that, as the years pass, we'll see more of this for systems whose base is dwindling.
  3. I don't see Pentax entering the mirrorless world anytime soon, if ever. Maybe with their Ricoh GR systems in the future. One of my favorite all-time Sigma lens for Pentax was the 50/2.8 macro.
  4. Pentax are being bought for its legendary glass with soul and character. Not for the sake of shitty Sigma compatibility.
  5. @ruslan: I dare to disagree. If people buy Pentax + Sigmas kits: Fine; another Pentax body sold might keep Pentax alive. If people don't like what they'll get out: Fine; another used Pentax body getting into our reach, some day or somebody gets nudged to pre-own a limited lens for a while.

    Diversity never harms. Pentax might have benefitted from hitting the mass market with agressively priced (+ Sigma) kits.
    Legendary Pentax glass? - Dunno isn't it made by Tamron these days and marked up a little? What to do if "legendary" stuff breaks, isn't fixable and out of production? - I like my 135/2.8...

    You might be right about Sigma for Pentax quality, but still: I rather utilize my darn behemoth of an unspectacular 24/1.8, than pack up entirely. And the kit zoom substitutes do kit zoom jobs well enough, for me.
    I don't want to touch the topic of lens gourmetism here. The K1D is an inexpensive body but if you add up & toss in a trinity of budget f2.8 zooms, it looks less competitively priced than on its own.
  6. @jochen I understand your idea, but Pentax
    1) Has a long flange to sensor distance, so it uses lenses made for it only. It is not a Sony to which you can attach 200+ lenses.
    2) Conservative. K-1 is like a 645Z smaller brother with that and the same ideology.
    Pentax needs new limited lenses, and it needs some promotion... it is going to be the main player in DSLR field in 3 years from now.
    Today I have examined the samples of/by Sony 85/1.8..... I say Sony CAN produce fine lenses. They are not shoddy, not cheap dirt, not flat rendering, no. Sony 85 is 20 years younger than 77 lim. Eye-focus. It renders better than Nikkor 85 and 58, just as well as 77 with modern touch. The 77 is but paler, duller colors, and I am ready to the fact that if I crank saturation, all color artifacts and noise will be more visible.... I dreamed of Pentax, but I might go Sony.
  7. It's nice to have opinions, but it is well to not be too dogmatic.
    I forget which British parliamentarian said it, but it was something to the effect "have you never considered that you might be wrong"
  8. Oliver Cromwell
  9. Thanks dennis, I should have remembered that.

    THE parliamentarian
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