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  1. Hi Folks, I just inherited a NikonL35AF from a relative,and when looking for info, saw the accy lenses on the Bay for a very little bit of money and jumped on it. I have however been dissappointed in the viewing performanvce. The lens have attached viewers that overlay the camera viewer. The 35mm viwer is slightly concave at the viewing popint, but the image is badly blurred and it dioesn't fit snug to the viewer.( When pressed into poition, still very unsharp view) The 100mm viewer appears simply clear (no magnification). In the viewing area is visible a light square mask outline ( glue lines for a missing condensor?) Does anyone have this set to compare? Or know how this should be?? Thanks
  2. I suspect that the outline is the part that the lens covers. No magnification.
    In general, accessory lenses aren't as good as lenses interchangeable lenses, but better than nothing.
  3. My first thought too.. but it is a pretty wide view for a tele. I|ll test that out..
  4. For the 100mm tele, the viewfinder would usually have a smaller clear box to look through, like cropping out what wouldn't be in the frame. If it is just an outline box, make sure what you want to capture is inside the lines.
  5. I am guessing that the viewfinders are not going to be much beyond a frame in which you see the coverage. Since the viewfinder is not a rangefinder or a part of the optical system, it does not have to be very good optically. One can hope that the makers put a little more effort into the taking lenses. The L35 AF alone has a highly regarded lens, so it would be a shame to degrade it too much.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I was not expecting a lot..b/c any lens over lens has comprimised the first lens... Just want to
    understand if something was missing...

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