Nikon Z5 below $1000 in the US

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. Considering the proximity of the release of the ii-generation and the Olympics, maybe - if the Olympics are considered a moment to introduce new cameras - we have seen what was planned for the occassion already.
  2. The postponed 2020 Olympics this year strike me as an abysmal occasion for product roll-outs, suggesting how tradition-bound and out of touch Nikon is if they do debut new top-shelf gear. This year's games set against the still-raging pandemic will be like no other--and may still not happen.
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  3. When you consider the Olympics is a year late, it would be easy to surmise that Nikon had prototypes ready to go for the 2020 event.

    The advantage they have now is that they've had another years worth of R&D to polish them.
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  4. My bad I thought iit was the Z50. Hey I missed the zero. Sorry.
    Being an FX body I think it's great for the price.
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