Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #46

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  1. Important notice: please keep your pics under 700 pixels width for inline posting and even more important, please keep the FILE SIZES UNDER 300Kb. Notice that this includes photos hosted off-site (Flickr, Photobucket, others). As a reference, notice that my pic is near 100Kb.

    The general guidelines for this WedNEsDAy PiC threads, are here.​
    Hi! A bit earlier this morning, I`m not going to the office, then I`m posting from home. I wanted to play some macro stuff, with all that paraphernalia (for this pic a PB-6 bellows + PN-11 fully extent, a reversing ring for the 105/4Micro, the D700 as master and SB-800 as remote, focusing rail, tripod... ). I didn`t have any subject and gone for it... the only one I found was this poor dead fly at the stairway landing!
    D700 @ 800ISO, 14bit RAW, 105/4 Micro inverted (1/60 - f16), SB-800 in TTL. Processed in NX2 as usual.
    Please feel free to post your favourite pic if you like, taken with Nikon gear. Thanks all.
  2. [​IMG]
    D700, 50mm f/1.4 AF-D @ f/6.3, 1/200 sec, ISO 400
  3. D50, 18-200mm Nikkor Zoom. B&W conversion done with PSE 8 B&W conversion tool.
  4. Hello everybody,
    Thank you, Issac, for your kind comments on my photo last week.
    This week a picture from a photoshoot I did for friends of mine, David (the man in a photo) has already done a bit of modeling few years ago, so it was very easy to work with him.
    Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8, 1/125s, ISO 400, f/2.8
  5. Good morning everyone, and happy Wednesday!
    Been taking a walk through the local range park, and caught this little "wool pig" basking in the late autumn sun... in winter, it will have fluffy ears with curly fur. Actually, it's a quite old race, which used to be domesticated in old times.
    D700 and 70-200/2.8 at f5.6, ISO 200
    BTW: Sanford, very touching shot!
  6. Good evening everyone!
    Thank you for the comments on my shot last week! It was great thread!
    Well! It's time to start shooting birds again!
    I'm on the road today and I'm posting from my car. It was funny coz I forgot to get something ready for today. I took this shot early this morning. I work on it at McDonalds and now is ready…. Fresh from the oven! I had tried so many times to get a cormorant but they never let me get close enough before. It was raining and this guy was sleeping. So I kept climbing the rocks until I got close enough. Then he woke up but it was already too late. He kept looking at me, maybe trying to remember if I was already there before he went to sleep. I think he really didn't know what to make of me. So he let me take so many shots. Finally I got too wet and left and as soon I turned around he flew off….
    I think I have better shots than this one but I don't have the time….
    I hope is good enough for a WeDNeSDaY!
  7. Hello all
    Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat) The biggest, U shaped fall of the more than 270 falls that form Iguazu Falls. On the Argentine side walking long catwalks you can reach to the border.
    D300 + Tamron 10-24@10mm - 1/100 - f11 - ISO 200
    Thanks to Issac Sam, Tiffany Brook, Savitri Wilder, Uzay Kişi and Ken Yamamoto for your kind words about last week pic
    By by
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  9. That is fast! Today it is holidays in Belgium so easier to post!
    Some days ago I went to my very first Rally. Very nice to see and to photograph, even if with some challenge in panning photos. Main problem, I ended up with hundreds of photos and no time to do something with them.
    Most people were also worried since they stated watching rally is dangerous. I now understand why and instead of posting a nice rally shot I want to share this one:
    Title: Stupidity on Rally
    D700, afs24-70@70mm, f/11, 1/100s, iso200 (no processing)
  10. In deep thought...
  11. D700, ISO 200, 24-70mm f/2.8 G, 4 seconds at f/8
    No color enhancement was added in post-processing. Converted from NEF to TIFF in NX2, some perspective correction added in PS-CS4.
  12. Happy WedNEsDAy Everyone--Some of the pictures pictures I've seen here have inspired me to play with some in-camera techniques for creating abstract images. This is a sunset over the ocean taken from my backyard. I zoomed during a long exposure and there happened to be a small plane flying through the frame to create the light trail. Other than cropping, the image is exactly as I took it. No Photoshop, etc. D700, 200-400, ISO 200, 5 sec. at f/11.
  13. This is a sculpture by Fernando Botero placed in the City of Oviedo, Spain. "La Gorda" ("the fat woman"), as it's usually known, is one of the iconic points in the city.
  14. Hello everyone…
    It was Guy Fawkes Night last Thursday and there were fireworks over the weekend. I haven’t taken picture of fireworks before and I wasn’t sure how to do so. But thanks to the various posts I found on, I’d say I was successful in taking a few decent shots.
    Here’s a picture of some fireworks that I like.
    Nikon D3 + 24-70mm @ 32mm ISO-200 F/16 3.9sec
  15. Glad to be shooting Nikon yesterday. It was a beautiful morning and I like the feeling this image gives me: bright and uplifting. D200 and 50mm f/1.4.
  16. Good morning
    I want to thank Savitri Wilder and Richard Karash for the nice comments on my "swiss swatch watch" picture from last week. It was great fun to shoot it =)
    This week I have again a "studio" shot, taken in my kitchen.
    camera info: Nikon D700 | AF-D 60 f/2.8 Micro | handheld | 1/250th @ f/5.6 or f/6.3 (don't remember)
    strobist info: SB28 @ 1/64 through IKEA white cutting board behind and above pasta. You can see the setup shot here.
    For a 1000x wide version, please see here.
  17. Just more Fall Color.
    Fall is my favorite time of year to shoot photos. I’m lucky that I have a house in Vermont and Live in NY. Starting in Northern Vermont at the beginning of October, peak Color moves south slowly. NY is just now staring to turn and it will peak in a few days. This means that I have over a whole month of color if I follow it carefully.
    Vermont is still the best place as it’s mostly country and extremely scenic. Vermont has been nicknamed Gods Country. This one is also from the trips I just took up North. Again the polarizer made a big difference in the sky. I also think that the colors come just a bit crisper with the polarizer. Taken off of Cooper Hill Road, East Dover, Vermont
    Here are 2 folders with more fall photos
    Nikon D700 AF-S AF-S Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED at 20mm
    Program AE, 1/500 sec, f/11, ISO 400, - Circular Polarizer
    The more you use Nikons, the more you love them!
  18. Happy Wednesday everyone.
    At my place it's still grey, wet and cold so no landscape today. My contribution is from my granddaughters birthday, turning five, Saturday,
    D700, 24-70 at 66mm, f/6,3, 1/60s iso 6400 + NX2
  19. This is 6 yr old Maria having fun with bubbles at the park. D3 Nikon VR 80-400 mm 310mm f/6.3 1/1600s ISO 1000 81 kb
  20. Hi, adding to the autumnal theme going on this week. Taken at a local park recently for some friends. D700, 24-70. 2 SB-600s, diffused.
  21. Found this girl from Model Mayhem - my 1st attempt on shooting a model (she claims she is).
  22. This is my ceiling.....
    Sorry to send another pic of this trip that happened two weeks ago, but this is one of my favorites. I promise to change the subject next time.
  23. Hi everyone, this was taken on the River Dee in Chester city center.
    D700, 35mm f/2 @ f/4, 1/200 sec, iso 200.
  24. jazz, anyone?
  25. Great photos this week again.
    I find as winter starts to drag itself into my daylight I turn to photos that make me smile, there is something about it being dark at half past four that leaves me needing cheered up.
    I was looking through some photos from last year and found this one, it made me smile so here it is.
  26. Early Sunday morning fashion shoot (my first properly organised one!) with
    sunlight filtering through trees
    D80 Nikon 55-200G VR F/4-F/5.6
    1/125 F/4.2 ISO200
    0EV Manual Flash - two strobes - softened front fill plus
    hairlight to rear
    Photoshop - probably should learn to gel flashes...
  27. Wednesday again - and the thread is off to a great start. I want to start by thanking MS Keil, Tiffany Brook, Hamish, Monika Epsefass, Wouter, Richard Karash & Ken Yamamoto for their kind comments towards my shot last week. Very kind of you all & I was going to comment, but found that the thread was closed before I had a chance to.
    Also, Aguinaldo , my horse is doing better - though the swelling is taking forever to totally go down. Thank you for asking.
    This week I revisit birds, I must bore people with all the birds I post....
    A bird I've long looked for & finally got a close encounter with. Maybe a tad too close at times.... ;-) Mandarin Ducks are not native to the US, but it has to be the most beautiful duck I've seen so far. I've looked hard & long to find this lovely duck. He came a tad too close this time. But I'll take that any day over not seeing him at all....
    Shot with the D300, 300mm AF-S f/4 at ISO 800 (going in & out of shadows & light) Spot metering, Aperture mode, 1/1250s, f/8, -0.3 EV EXIFs embedded
    I should add this is the full frame. No crop here & I do wish I had a tad more room in this shot for him. But I do love the pose so it is what it is, as one of my friend's tend to put things....

    Male Mandarin Duck showing off all his beauty....
  28. While shooting at a lake Monday, I happened on a family of bluebirds feeding on bittersweet berries. They were trading back and forth and I got to shoot for an hour, getting some good (for me) images of my favorite bird. After moving my pod a couple of times, I took up a leaning post on a tree.
    After a while I heard what I took to be a woodpecker, and not too far off. Then I realized that I was feeling vibes on my back. I craned my head back. looked straight up the tree, and there is this little red-breasted nuthatch doing his thing, looking for bugs and not paying one whit of attention to me! I carefully unclamped my camera, and trying to handhold the 300mm plus 1.4 ext. as steady as I could in this position, got several shots of the little guy. They are little comics anyway and I love watching them. I felt really lucky that day, with the bluebirds and this guy, too. Life is good.
  29. I love Wednesdays!
  30. Hi all,
    Happy Wednasday again and I'm here...
    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to all of you...
    Here is my contribution:
    Nikon D300 and 70-300 mm VR @ 200 mm, ISO 400, f/9, 1/320.
  31. Last week, our firm surprised every employee with a lovely gift. My Coolpix L19 was at hand, as it always is, so I could memorialize the occasion.
    I'm really starting to like the little Coolpix. It cost less than a good polarizer and makes pretty nice pictures, especially close-ups. It's hard to hold still with no viewfinder, but supporting it on something solid does the trick.
  32. Finally some wind and waves!
  33. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    After seeing lot of animal post today, I am posting the reptile which I took it last summer at Animal Education Center. Most of the reptiles were in the glass cabinet and got a chance of taking pictures of some. I took the pictures keeping my lens stick to the glass cabinet to avoid reflection (I forgot to take my CPL).
    I liked the lighting captured through cabinet and out-of-focus area so smooth...
    Model: NIKON D40
    ISO: 800
    Exposure: 1/250 sec
    Aperture: 5.0
    Focal Length: 56mm
    Flash Used: No

    Thanks for looking,
    Ray Gosalia
  35. Good morning! Thanks to those who commented on my image from last week. This week I had some fun with reflections. This is with my D300, 18-200 mm VR zoom, at f8, 1/80sec, iso 200, 18mm, handheld.
    Have an excellent week!
  36. My image this week is at Clingman's Dome on the NC/TN state line. I used my Nikon D200 with the 18-70mm kit lens. ISO 200 @ f16, 1/13 second @ 56mm. No filters or enhancements or camera tricks. Thanks for looking. Wish everybody a good day and week.
  37. An unscheduled power outage a few nights ago did not interfere with painting fingernails. The colors are a little creepy, with the yellow candle light and the much cooler color from the computer screen, but it looks kind of flat in black and white.
  38. Good morning everyone. This is my last post until December. Am going deer hunting in the north woods of the UP--no internet no TV. It is our annual "get-a-way" from the outside world! This photo was taken at the James River State Park outside of Williamsburg VA. Nikon D300 Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 lens at 75mm, f/11/1/80s.
  39. Holy Wednesday to everyone,
    Zoureena Rijger, Miss World Suriname 2009. She will represent the Suriname in Miss World 2009 at Johannesburg - South Africa, Saturday 12th December 2009. Many cheers you to all. Regards,
  40. Hi Everyone,
    My pic of he week was taken a few weeks ago when fall was winding down and all plant life was preparing to hibernate (if one can say that). Nikon D200, ISO 100, 28-105(3.5-4.5) @105, f4.5, 1/160.
    Lil, outstanding image of the mandarin male duck. Sanford, a very poignant moment. Wayne, great image! Have been in that part of the country, regrettably not in the early morning or late evening hours. Have a great wednesday everyone.
  41. I was at my local wildlife refuge in South Texas last Saturday and ran across these Nilgai bulls at a distance. The shot is heavily cropped as I don't have a long lens. The one on the left is a mature bull, while the one on the right is a young bull. These animals were originally imported into the famous King Ranch in the 1930s and have rapidly spread throughout the coastal region of Texas. They are very tasty animals -- not like chicken but like beef.
  42. Joe, nice shot! I believe that is a white breasted nuthatch:)
  43. From Last Week (Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC #45)
    Richard Armstrong – cute version of Halloween
    Tiffany Brook – reminded me of Judy Garland in Wizard of Oz
    Jeannean Buglady – scary version of Halloween
    Aguinaldo de Paula – love the night shots (I am repeating myself)
    Rick Dohme – yep, that bloke is crazy (nice explanation)
    Jonas Fjellstedt – HDR or not, it looks good
    James Kazan – very calming (love those shots)
    Jay Miao – ditto “the right moment”
    Igor Smirnoff – love the expression
    Darrell Styner – nice composition lighting and mood
    Jf Zhang – like the bold colours (orange v blue)
    To Tiffany Brook, Dave Greenbridge, Alex Foto, Francesco Pessolano and Savitri Wilder – thank you for your remarks. Some answers. Tiffany I don’t know what kind of bird these are (but will let you know if I find out). Dave, your caption works for me. Savitri these are wild birds, nothing was staged.
    So what were the doing? From under the eaves of a two story house these birds embraced and fell to the ground (concrete). I was curious to see if they were OK but they flew off before I could blink. I came back with my camera just in case. 15 minutes later, same thing – they embraced and bang to the ground. The shots that I have captured are what they ended up doing once they hit the ground.
    D300, Nikkor 70-300 (G VR version) @ 300 mm, f/5.6, ISO 720 and 1/2000 sec.
  44. [​IMG]
    Nikkor 200mm f4 AIS at f4
  45. D700 + Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm 1.8
    f/1.8 1/2500 ISO 200
  46. Hello Everyone. I am back from my couple weeks of touring Europe! Here is a statue of Dante in the open square of Florence. So many picutres to choose from. Many weeks of Wednesday Pics to come. :)
  47. bms


    Good morning, afternoon everyone. We went to see relatives down south and I had only taken non-Nikon film camreas, but my wife packed her D60. So I snuck one morning to the locak park and took a few snaps. It's a nifty little camera. This Wednesday thread really gets me out there. It was a beautiful but chilly morning and I probably woiuld not have gone, or at least not that early, if it was not for you guys. I hate to be empty hanced come Wednesday AM! Thanks!
  48. Good Morning/afternoon/evening to all! I missed posting last week due to a business trip. Oh well, life and Nikon Wednesday, still goes on. I shot this photo two weeks ago, on one of my outings to the local aboretum. Warm, sunny fall day and all the bees were busy with the few flowers that had not gotten hit w/ frost yet. The day was also an opportunity to play w/ my new SB600 flash. Can't wait to see how the day unfolds.
  49. Another great Wednesday! Hello everyone, gotta love this thread and all the talent in it. Here's my pick this week. D200, 18-55@26mm, f11, 1/180, iso 200, slight NX2 pp.
  50. Thought I'd try to confound the D300's metering system by asking it to make its own sense of this absurd nocturnal lighting situation. Considering what I was handing it, it actually came up with a workable exposure on the fly.
  51. Another wonderful Wednesday. My post today is dedicated to all the veterans and their families. Thank you for your service and sacrifices.
  52. After the race.
  53. Too many good photos this week but especially i liked the photos of
    Matt Laur
    Murali Palangat
    so far...
  54. This image is part of the architecture of Bass Performance Hall in Ft Worth, Texas. I was able to capture this image about 20-minutes after sunset.
  55. Hello to all. This time, I'm trying something new for me, a night shot, well into darkness. At a favorite spot, the Boston Public Garden. After earlier shots at sunset, I waited. I was amazed at the number of people with cameras, all across the spectrum of seriousness. Photography is alive and well in Boston! This is an HDR merge with Photomatix, exposures +/- 3 stops.
    Following the example set by others, I have organized a collection of my WedNEsDAy contributions as a slideshow here.
  56. Happy Wednesday Everyone !!
    Congratulations ! All the pictures are beatiful. Mine was taken at Clearwater Beach Pier 60 with my former Nikon D50. Hope you like it guys !!
  57. Back Yard, Gamble House, Pasadena, CA. D700, 14-24/2.8, 14mm, f/14, ISO 200, materix metered, manual mode, 5 shot bracket between 1/6s to 1/50s, processed with Photomatix.
    Thank you to those who commented on my photo last week.
  58. Taken this past Sunday night, Nikon D300, ISO-200, f/2.8, 1/60th s, Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 at 70mm, single on-camera SB-800 with "A Better Bounce Card" pointed vertically at ceiling.
  59. [​IMG]
    Peerless steam tractor undergoing restoration. Five exposure HDR, D300, 12-24@12mm, f/11. This space has "interesting" light with green translucent skylights, daylight from doors, and overhead florescent.
  60. I couldn't decide what to post this week, but finally decided on "Three's a Crowd" because after I left this wetland park Saturday, I ended up with over 300 chigger bites and a visit to the doctor for a severe allergic reaction. If three's a crowd, 300 is a mob. Trust me. Lesson learned: Never leave home without DEET bug spray... even if you see no bugs. At least these guys didn't bite me. (Nikon D90/Sigma 150mm 2.8)
    Three's a Crowd
  61. D70 w/ kit lens. ISO 200 f7.1, 1/125 sec
  62. Shot with D700 + 24-70mm f2.8
    ISO200, f3.5, 70mm, 1/640s
  63. Bride on the table
  64. Great shots by everyone today! This week my wife and I decided that we needed to get some fall shots of our son playing in the leaves before it was too cold. This was one of our favorites.[​IMG]
    Nikon D90 17-55mm 2.8, SB800. 1/50s @ f5.6
  65. pge


    I offer a studio shot this week, again it is not new, sorry, I will try to shoot more this week.
  66. Happy Wednesday.
    Thanks to Assac S. for your comments on my pic last week.
    My contribution of this week is a portrait of Great Blue. Hope you’d like it.
  67. [​IMG]
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/800
    55-200 VR @ 200mm, f/8
  68. Nikon D50, 18-70 lens.
    Fast Freight
  69. Portrait of John
  70. Whoops...A correction on the identification of my entry. It is a white-breasted nuthatch, not the red-breasted variety.
  71. Whoops...A correction on the identification of my entry. It is a white-breasted nuthatch, not the red-breasted variety.
  72. Again something a bit more abstract. I went to do some renovating back in my old home town and spent total of 7 hours in train last Friday. I was a bit bored, and played around with my D50. So this one was taken from a moving train (once again) with long exposure and by twisting the camera as the lights of the some unknown city went by.
    Nikon D50 + Nikon 35mm f/1.8G (@ f/8, 13 sec, ISO 200)
    And as usual, you can also leave critique on this shot to my WedNEsDAy PiCs folder .
  73. [​IMG]
    ISO 200 F/20 2 sec.
  74. What a great WedNEsDAy PiC thread this week. It is hard to believe that they just keep getting better as I think that about all of them.
    My selection today is a small town setting in Glendale, Ky on a sunny & cool Autumn afternoon. I thought it appropriate for today.
    I will stop back here several times today to check in and see all of the wonderful photos from around the world. Thank You !
    phil b
    benton, ky
  75. As usual fantastic Wednesday Pictures, this was taken on Saturday in Torrance, Ca. Here is an example of how much luck plays a part in picturemaking, shot over the left shoulder @1250th shutter priority at about 3000 feet it was very windy as you can imagine probably couldn't have done much better looking through the viewfinder
  76. Good morning,
    Another great Nikon day! Thanks again, Jose and wonderful Macro shot!
    I would like to thank Monika E., Luis A., and Richard K. for your complements last week.
    Justin W. --- Scary but good work!
    Sanford G. -- I like your BW work!
    Monika E. -- Amazing Wool Pig photo!
    Rene' V. --- Birdy--nice one!
    Alejandro H. --- Simply Beautiful!
    Michael A. --- Cool Shot!
    Pedro C. --- Creative!
    Joseph L. --- Wonderful Autumn shot you got!
    Mark G. + John M. --- Good lighting!
    Roberta D. --- Wonderful patriotic photo!
    Lil J. --- Another day-another Bird-another good shot!
    Richard A. + Matt L. + Richard K. --- My favorite photos you all got this week!
    My contribution this week comes from last night on-the-road-shot.
    Shot with D300s @ 17mm f/2.8 1/60th sec with ISO1250 hand-held. [As shot, except for level adjusting and cropping in Photoshop]
  77. This is a grab shot of a street in northern Philadelphia. I was driving through the area on a rainy/overcast day, liked what I saw, stopped the car for no more than 15 sec in the middle of the street, and shot right through the front windshield. The congestion of the houses yet lack of people (other than the postman) struck me. The other technical detail that may be interesting is that instead of my trusty old 28-70/2.8 AFS, I happened to have a little 18-200 VR FX lens mounted on my d700 FX body, so I only had about 5 Mpixels, but as you can see, at least for small enlargements, this fairly odd equipment combo works just fine.
    Tom M
  78. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    This man insisted having a photo taken of him and his family. The latter was, however, too ordinary.
    Photo taken on the way home with my new 85mm f/1.4 lens – absolutely not a bad lens, but one has
    to get used to the fixed 85mm, a challenge which I am happy to face.
  79. Some very excellent work on this Wednesday.
  80. Was in Napa last weekend. Didn't realize how beautiful the fall colors were up there. This is a shot of my wife, a little fill flash. D50 18-200 VR, 26mm, f/8 ISO 200, 1/250s
  81. Happy Wednesday and Happy Veterans day here in the states. I am going to have to take a typing class just to keep up with all the extraordinary work on this thread. All the images are strong and deserve kudos. I am only naming a few.
    Jose..."The Beauty of Death". I actually have a folder for just that subject. There is something about using a camera to remember and validate all the life around us. beautiful shot.
    Justin...Now, THAT'S a face!
    Alejandro...Consistently beautiful captures. Although I would be wary of following that rainbow (>8
    Francesco...Careful, someone might be shooting YOU!
    Hamish...Sweet and lovely portrait
    Michael...Beautiful light. I love the sun peeking in.
    Andy...Very nice colors and framing.
    Aguinaldo...I never tire of the subject. In fact, I think I breathe easier just looking at these images.
    Mark...Very nice...gel or no gel.
    Lil...Awesome catch! Gorgeous bird.
    Kemal...Very nice. I have always found pidgeons to be exceptionally beautiful and very under rated.
    Elliott...Wow! Okay, now I am suffering momentary fast lens envy.
    Richard...Well and simplicity
    Murali...Your shot is quite spellbinding. I have been scrutinizing it for too long and must move on...beautiful!
    Greg...There they are again. Aha! I see that they are starlings. Very naughty, but fascinating birds.
    Maurice...Love it! Beautiful treatment of shadows...well done.
    Jeannkan...Great colors...looks like quite the party.
    Epp...Beautiful and unusual
    Janne...Very cool, indeed!
    My contribution comes from editing a recent shoot.This particular shot just spoke to me because of her hands and dress lines. She is an inspirational little girl and I did some research to spell "My Heart" in Korean.
  82. Fantastic photos - I had no idea what I was missing, having been away from PhotoNet for a few years!
    This week's offering WAS taken on a Wednesday afternoon, about 10 miles north of Gary McGhee's shot. I chanced upon a group of paragliders when out for a walk at the very end of last month. This was a slightly chancy shot (by my standards) - into the Sun, with my eye to the viewfinder. Still, camera and right eye seem fine…
    (EDIT: Er, that should be D700 in the caption - I haven't really adjusted from my F80 yet!)
  83. Nice soft lighting on that fly shot Jose . Great POV and processing on the dog portrait, Justin . Great action, Elliot . Excellent composition and use of B&W, Carey . Nicely done HDR, Richard . Three's indeed a crowd - what a nice macro, Jeannean .
    Haven't posted a bird shot for a while and haven't been out looking for them either - this is a shot from early October. That morning was very quiet too until this osprey showed up for two passes (and a little quarrel with a Northern Harrier). I am quite happy that I caught it with the mountain as a backdrop - except for a minor crop, the image is straight out-of-camera. D200 with 300/4 AF-S and TC-17EII, 1/1250s, f/6.7, ISO360 (selected by AutoISO).
  84. Lot of great Kidpictures today. This is my Urban Fall Color image for the year. Great barbeque at this place, too.
  85. Taken at the zoo, D60 with 55-200 @ 150, ISO 800.
  86. Tiffany, that is a very nice work!
  87. Let's try this again...
  88. Amazing photographs from everyone as usual.
    Mine is of the Golden Gate at night.
    - Zoltan
  89. The day before heavy wind blew all the leafs from Japanese maple tree.
  90. Out with my F3 and 35mm Series E lens I found this misty scene that caught my eye. Fuji Superia 200 as always.
  91. Justin W, Sanford G, Jana H, Hamish G, Jens F, Rick D, Andy C, Kiem N, Mark G, Shash, Phil E, Louis M, Erik C, Tiffany B - excellent portraits!
    Anish M, Joseph L, Ray G, Bill B, Richard K, Maurice O, Alex F, Zoltan V, Waldemar G-K - excellent use of color. Waldemar, I really like the way you composed the tree.
    Tom Mann - I love the mood and the composition of this shot. Excellent sense of place!
  92. very cooperative ...
  93. [​IMG] Taken in "Parc St.Catherine", Quebec.
  94. This is a house in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. Completely untouched four years after Hurricane Katrina - still dishes, photos, etc strewn around. Nikon D700, 14-24/2.8 at 14mm, f/5.6, 1/160 sec and ISO 800. On-camera fill flash at -2 EV to cast a little light on the mug.
  95. A stunning amount of great portraits today. Very impressive - I envy those skills to "catch" somebody at the right time for sure!
    My contribution of today is playing around in the kitchen some time back:
    D300 with Tokina AT-X Pro 100mm f/2.8 Macro and SB600 with yellow-ish bouncecard, 1/60 sec., f/11, ISO200. Straight out of ViewNX.​
  96. Today is Veteran's day in the US, so this is a salute to all our Vet's. I am at work today and this shot was taken on my way from one facility to another so I didn't have a lot of time to get a better composition. This is the road to the New Lexington, Ohio city school facilities. Someone spent a lot of time setting up these flags.
  97. D700, AF-S 50mm f/1.4, ISO800, f/2, 1/2500s, 14bit RAW, EV -1. Finished in NX2.
    Forgot to reset ISO and exposure compensation.
  98. Another Veteran's Day salute.
  99. This week we have been busy working on the house, so I am a bit late and I see there are already some excellent pictures here. Richard Armstrong, nice, interesting reflections. I have the feeling it's an upside-down picture.
    I don't want to heat the discussing, but I have seen some pictures these weeks that have been compressed a little too much for me.
    This week I have a picture from a trip to Belgium some days ago. We walked a lot and we saw a lot of mushrooms.
    Here is one of the more interesting ones, no mushrooms were hurt in the making of this picture, haha.
    I like the lines nature created here. Taken with the D90 + 18-200mm @ 200mm F8 1/125s
    Keep up the good work everybody.
  100. So many awesome images! I love this thread. Very inspiring!
    Posting more low-light test images. Sorry; I just got the D700 and the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G in March and am amazed at the low-light prowess!
    My dog, King, on his bed thinking about whatever dogs think about.
    Happy Wednesday to all of you!
  101. Richard Armstrong, I like the reflection picture even when it's turned rightside up.
    Aguinaldo de Paula, don't stop with the starscape pictures unless you've run out.
  102. I took this photo at the Minneapolis Art Institute. They did not allow me to use my monopod with out a permit. Tripods and monopods are the same thing to them. Odd, I can get a tripod permit and they say it takes about 3 days to get approved. And I must put a specific time and date to be there. But that hardly seemed worth the effort for monopod. Does anybody have some insight into the mentality of museum security? Do they do criminal checks for people with tripods or monopods and put into a database of known monopod felons? Are they afraid somebody might get a good picture of their displays? Will they outlaw high ISO cameras in museums someday? Anyway, I used my Nikkor-Micro 55mm AIS at f2.8 and 1/60th of sec. ISO 800. That’s about as longest shutter speed I can do with out camera shake. The images I got were underexposed but I photoshopped some light into them.
  103. This weeks contribution is a recent scan of an image taken pre-digital (for me). It is the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater taken just after its' restoration was completed. Taken with an N90s, 60 mm/2.8 Micro-Nikkor on Kodak Royal Gold 100.
  104. D300+85/1,8+sb400(fill flash):
  105. So many terrific shots today! here is my submission.
  106. Opal in the City
  107. I hope nobody minds another Veteran's Day picture. From this morning, with a D40 and a Vivitar Series One 75-300 4.5-5.6 1/400th ISO 800.
  108. As always great photos everyone. here is mine of a lit up St Francis in my parents garden.
    D80, 18-135, iso 200, 18mm, f14, for 6 sec. I slowly zoomed out at the end of the exposure to get the streaks..
  109. It's been nearly four months...I bought a house and had to get used to all the yardwork and the like.
    I'll share a shot from a couple months back since I'm so backlogged now. Good to be back everyone! Great work!
  110. I shot this picture of my daughter last week. Had just enough light left to take it. Nikon D200 with 50/1.8
  111. Outdoor candid - Nikon D300, Nikkor 18-200, 1/60s, f/5.6, ISO400, SB900 flash (diffused).
  112. This photo is from a trip to Angkor Thom last month. D70s, 70mm, 1/320s, f/9, ISO 1000.
  113. Times Square, New York with Nikon D90 and 16-85mm lens zoomed during the exposure
  114. Nikon D200, 180mm f/2.8D AF, f/32 @ 1/500s, ISO 100
  115. It's been awhile.
  116. Wow. It is Rememberence Day and no one has a photo of a vet. I don't understand.
  117. Happy Wednesday everybody
    great shots all
    my contribution for this week is a shot of myself I guess I should call it self portrait.
    I was playing with my SB600 + homemade snoot.
  118. John tech you are wrong. Roberta paid homage to the vet's out there. Richard also "Posted" a picture of one of the greatest Vet's. Besides not everyone on here is from the US. Just messing.
  119. [​IMG]
    N80+50/1.8 on Ilford Pan F 50.
  120. Well, it is still fall so here goes another fall shot.
    Many, many great inspiring pictures again this week.
  121. John Thorne: I agree with I am going to cheat and put in two of the Remembrance Day service from Saint John N.B.
  122. A bit late today:
    D80 18-135mm kit lens @62mm f/8.0 1/160sec
  123. bmm


    Hi guys,
    Am on a crazy itinerary of work travel and away from my hard drive and archive of images, so haven't posted in a couple of weeks.
    However sometimes when I have these periods of being just an observer I find this thread doubly amazing. So wonderful to 'check in' each Wednesday/Thursday and see the latest works from old and new friends.
    Anyway from this week's offerings, as usual it was hard to pick some special selections but I can't go without particularly recognising the postings of Sanford, Hamish, Lil, Murali, Carey, and Tiffany which really spoke to me.
    PS: Like some others of late I have changed my name to make myself slightly less visible on google etc. I am Bernard (from Sydney) who has been around the Nikon forum for a while.
  124. Hi everyone, and to everyone who celibrates it happy veterans day. Tiffany thanks, your pictures as always are great. My post today is from the Circle B nature preserve in Lakeland Fla. It's a Sandhill Crane.
  125. Good evening everyone,
    All the posts are really lovely. Worth seeing each of them. I specially like the portrait work of Andy Chubb.

    This is my first post in "Nikon WedNesDAy Pic". Taken through my office window at downtown Minneapolis just before leaving work.
    Nikon D200 with 18-200mm VRII - f/16, 13 seconds ISO200. Cropped.
  126. Switzer Bridge over the Elkhorn Creek
  127. Pic taken one year back.
  128. Heart-Shaped Toast

    Nikon P6000
  129. Thanks to Tiffany and Uzay for your kind words. Tiffany, your image of the the little girl is wonderful.
  130. Nikon D80 50mm 1.4 ISO200 1/640 @ f3.5
  131. Digging in on jasmine pollen. D40 50mm f/1.8
  132. [​IMG] some sort of emoting- D700w/17-35
  133. I've been admiring Nikon Wednesdays for a while and this is my first post – but first, some responses to all of your wonderful photos:

    Ken Yamamoto – love the angle! Makes me laugh.
    Lawrence Ho – That's one snarky looking seagull – nice capture.
    James Kazan – Beautiful Composition. My favorite today.
    Steve Hughes – Breath taking!

    Took mine at a new monument at the University of Washington honoring Medal of Honor recipients
  134. Here is one wednesday pic :)
    I was doing some test shoots yesterday...
    Nikon D700
    AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8
    S: 1/500, A: 6.3
    ISO 900
  135. Bernard : I missed your response to my image the first time around. Thanks for you kind words.
    James K : You have SOME way of taking architechtural pictures. The buildings flow in your images. Awesome!
  136. Earlier in the year whilst spotting by the approach at our international airport, I noticed this four member family strolling hand in hand by the beach. Trouble was, they were in the forbidden zone just before the runway threshold, and both ends of that section of beach have barbed wire and 'danger- entrance forbidden' signs. As the inbound flight from Heathrow was due in I saw a rare opportunity for a photo. They carried on regardless and totally oblivious to this mamoth aircraft screaming in over their heads. I was secretly hoping the downwash would lift them into the air, like what happened in this movie I saw, for a more interesting photo.
    Very fast moving scene so the D700 was on 1/4000 sec, iso 800, f/9.
    Aguilnaldo, nice sky, did you illuminate the person by flash ?
    Jeannean, how do you get those bugs to cooperate without flying away for those super photos ?
    Steve H, I hope u had the camera secured well ! That slipstream can whip it out of your hands at the blink of eye and the pilot wouldn't appreciate a D300 smashing onto his head at 100 mph ! Is it a Boeing Stearman ? At which focal length of the 17-55 mm did you take it ?
  137. sorry, the links aren't right today, [​IMG]
  138. Thanks, James. I was surprised how unfazed that seagull was when I sneaked up to her.
    Anguinaldo, please keep those star gazing photos coming 8>
    Andrew, that is a nice capture of the plane flying over those strolling people. That reminds me of the scenes of planes landing the old Hong Kong airport .... Kai Tak Airport. Despite the deafening noise hundreds of meters above, people would get on their lives undaunted. It was an amazingly contrasting scene. Too bad I was not into photography back then (but I am sure you can find some nice photos on internet) 8<
  139. This is not the picture that will pave my way into National Geographic, but it is among the first that I have taken with my new Sigma 150-500. Hmmmm - Bird photography is much more difficult than I first thought! Specimen - sorry, no idea! ;)
    Anyhow, it is my contribution this week!
  140. Once again another enjoyable Nikon WedNEsDAy! Shots that caught my eye this week are:
    Jose- a dead fly never looked so good.
    Hamish and Jens- Love the expressions on the kids faces. So Cute! These are definitely my favorites this week.
    Aquinaldo- You worked hard to be in the right place at the right time, and then captured such wonderful images. Keep them coming for as long as you like!!
    Lil- The colors and sharpness are wonderful. Nice Shot
    Richard- Beautiful reflection. Love the balance.
    Greg- I crack up every time I see another of your bird pictures.
    Matt- I looked high and low and still can't find the puppy hiding in the shot! ;-) Nice work.
    Richard- Love Boston and enjoyed seeing your shot. Nice work on the HDR.
    Jeannean- Love the colors. Such a bright fun shot.
    Jame- Your abstracts/architecture shots are truly inspiring!!
    Zoltan- Very nice capture of a truly iconic bridge.
    Waldemar- I love the look of this shot. So simple but yet to me it really evokes such a feeling of experiencing autumn.
    [Moderator note: Signature line deleted per Community Guidelines -
  141. Congratulations Per-Christian Nilssen for your new lens!
    I also have this lens in my wish list, but it will be for next year.
    How comfortable is in handheld pics?
  142. Thank you, Alejandro.
    I got the lens on Tuesday, and this was my first day out with it, actually just 15min of free time on a business trip, on a rainy, grey day, so I must come back to you with my impressions a little bit later, when I have had the possibility of trying it a bit more. The first impression, however, is that it balances nicely in the hand with a D300 and a MB-D10.
  143. From Jose's dead fly to Per Christian's bird photo with his new lens (congrats!), I enjoyed each and every contribution. The variety, talent, stories, places, people, etc. makes for a very interesting and fun trip around the world, and is one of the things that makes this thread so special and inspiring. I also appreciate the comments on my photo, and to answer your question Andrew, they don't stay still for long. Having patience, a longer lens, and finding them when they are eating or otherwise distracted, helps. Some cooperate better than others, so a lot of times it's just plain luck. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and has the opportunity to take some photos. I'm already looking forward to my trip next Wednesday!
  144. Andrew Feldon, I used a maglite flashlight to illuminate my son in law gazing the stars. Thanks for asking;
    Greg Kowalczewski, Tiffany Brook, John Morris, Lawrence Ho and Paul V. Gorky: thank you very much for your kind words. You´re the best.
  145. Andrew
    yes I had the the strap round my neck, it is a Stearman from 1942 a trainer for Air Force pilots, it actually was only doing about 75 mph I think it would struggle to get to 100, I shot the picture at 17mm stuck the camera over my shoulder and hoped for the best I only took three shots so I was pretty lucky, I think this Wednesday pic idea is great fun, other forums should do the same....
  146. Well for the last few weeks I've not had time to reply & comment. Last week I went to do it & the thread had already been closed. So - if anyone has commented on my shots & not gotten thanked - I'm so sorry that I missed you. Life in general & an ill horse has kept me busy. Destined is however doing slowly better.
    This week I aim to do better.... so without further ado...
    Jose' - your pets to my horses. ;-)
    Justin - lovely dog portrait
    Sanford - lovely B&W conversion
    Jana - nice portrait
    Monika - love that piggy
    Rene' - lovely shot of the cormorant
    Alejandro - beautiful waterfall landscape
    Hamish - stunning portrait
    Anish - lovely fireworks
    Pedro - neat shot
    Joe - stunning Fall landscape with beautiful colors.
    Jens - lovely portrait of your granddaughter
    Rick - sweet shot of Maria
    Andy - sweet portrait hope your friends like it
    Agunialdo -wonderful night sky & I love the guy in the shot....
    Marc - love the cat shot & it makes me smile as well...
    Mark - neat model shot
    Joe - nice catch on the nuthatch. I have yet to get a shot of one....
    Kemal - nice pigeon shot
    Elliot - neat action shot
    Richard - beautiful shot with reflection.
    Wayne - lovely shot showing the zone system
    Gwen - lovely landscape & enjoy your time off
    Ertugrul - lovely shot
    Murali - love the play in light & dark
    Greg - it's an interesting sequence you captured
    Carey - lovely conversion shot
    Uzay Kisi - love the play with dof & colors
    Dallas - elegant
    Benjamin - love the landscape
    Paul - nice macro
    John - not much for cars, but an vintage Jaguar is right up my alley. ;-)
    Matt - very nice result
    Roberta - well done. :)
    Ken - love the statement/message
    Bill - powerful
    Richard - lovely night shot
    Maurice - beautiful sunset waterscape
    Doug - looks like a neat place to visit
    Sasvata - lovely portrait
    Jeannean - neat triple fly macro shot. Great colors.
    Rick - love the chestnuts
    Lawrence - neat shot
    Phil - lovely portrait of the little girl
    Paula - lovely shot of the GBH. A little suggestion - - leave him a little room to look into. :)
    Epp - - a single word.... Beautiful. I just love this shot.
    Janne - neat shot
    James - elegant
    Steve - neat shot
    Alex - nice shot
    Tom - beautiful conversion
    Erik - wonderful portrait
    Shane - lovely shot
    Tiffany - beautiful shot of the little girl. Well done.
    Dieter - beautiful IF of the Osprey. Well done - one of my favorite birds.
    Steven - lovely tiger portrait, but I'm a tad confused by the colors...
    Zoltan - beautiful shot of the Golden Gate
    Waldemar - beautiful inviting colors
    Ian - beautiful Fall/Autumn landscape
    Jonas - love the old beat up car
    Sjoerd - beautiful fungi shot
    Michael - lovely use of dof in this lovely portrait of your dog. I'd imagine bones & loves from you.
    Paul - lovely portrait
    Mikhail - lovely portrait of a sweet dog
    Ofer - fun shot & I love the angle of this little angel
    Ryan - sweet capture
    Michael - fun candid
    James - lovely landscape & looks like a wonderful location
    Charles - I love in camera zooms. Well done
    Robert - sweet squirrel portrait
    Kris - well done on the self portrait
    Hans - love the colors
    Anirban - welcome to posting - nice long exposure
    Raden Munim - nice shot
    Boris - nice, love the colors in this one
    Per-Christian - they are "different" aren't they. What you have there is a Domestic Muscovy Cairina moschata that's probably taken off on it's own. They do that now & then... Congratulations on your discovery
    WoW I can't believe it - I've done it again. Commented on almost every post. Blame the nasty headache - I can't think & am on autopilot....
    Please - remember that I feel every shot in this thread has something to offer. :)
    Now I would also like to say a huge Thank You to Murali, Alex, Tiffany, Bernard (name change won't fool me) & Paul for their kind comments on my Mandarin Duck.
  147. Thanks to BM Mills and Lil for your comments. Murali
  148. Tiffany--simply gorgeous
    Stella! in the French Quarter, New Orleans
    D200, 16-85VR
    sorry, I've been up for 36 hours
  149. I am always amazed at the variety of ideas and subjects. Mine is of a recent field hockey game.
  150. Lawrence, thanks. Infact I forgot to mention thats Larnaca Airport on Cyprus, a good spotting place, or sunbathing, depending on the season.
    Aguilnaldo, that was a good idea to illuminate with the torch, it certainly worked.
    Steve H , thanks, it must have been a great experience, but conditions for the photographer can be difficult. Even at 75 mph its quite a slipstream in open cockpit conditions. I know, I lost my glasses whilst sitting in a helicopter with no door. The moment I stuck my head out into the slipstream, whoosh, they were gone. The reason I stuck it out was because something was bursting to come out, but thats another story.... Flying and concentrating on the camera too much does sometimes bring on an unwanted side effect, thats why you don't want to be fuddling with too many lenses and stuff.
    There are times when a saying comes to mind that says, "better to be on the ground and wishing you were in the air, rather than being in the air and wishing you were on the ground" Have a nice day.
  151. Thank you Lil, it's good to know what I aimed the Sigma at. Luckily, that guy was not alone in his far travelling, it seems that he brought his spouse as well.... :) (she was the more modest bird, eating grass just a few feet behind him)
  152. Paul sooHoo, that's an amazing shot!
  153. War memorial
  154. Dan South: Thank You! for the comment on reptile picture. I appreciate it.
  155. This Wednesday thread continues are add spark every week. Thank you all for you terrific contributions. I really like the spirit of this thread.
    As usual, I'll just mention the images that particularly caught my attention:
    @Jose, that's a pretty good image of a dead fly
    @Jens, your granddaughter's birthday with colored hair, there's a wonderful soft human feeling in the image.
    @Lil, the male mandarin duck
    @Bill J. Boyd, angels with trumpets, threatening sky. Wow! Should be a movie!
    @Sasvata, Anuj at seven months is very, very cute!
    @Chauncey, that's a terrific shot of your son in the leaves
    @Epp, the silhouette is a very mysterious and wonderful image
    @Janne, abstract lights again, very nice
    @James Kazan, great abstract interior
    @Phil, @Tiffany, @Ryan, @Michael -- great kid portraits
    @Wouter, playing around in the kitchen
    @Sergio, the St. Francis Lights is a very creative image. Gives me a 3-D feeling.
    @Charles, times square zoom... Says "Speed!"
    @Anirban, nice evening shot in Minneapolis
    My thanks for Alex, Dieter, Dan, Paul & Lil, thank your for mentioning my night-shot HDR. I'm glad you liked it.
  156. Example from a D300 taken on a terrible day. Heay rain, wind and mist made for a VERY difficult wedding - but the camera saved me and coped very well.
    Nikin D300 - 1/640 sec - f/3.2 - ISO 200 - Nikkor 17-5mm
  157. Richard Karash - Thank you for mentioning my Mandarin duck
  158. James Hart and Lil, thank you for your words. As always, encouraging!
    Now my top 10 this week:
    Rene - like the bird and composition.
    Luis Arguelles - interesting perspective. Nice.
    Joseph Leotta - again, you nailed the color of fall. I wish I could do as well.
    Aguinaldo - like I said, I never get tired of your night sky photos. Um, who's that?
    Lil - what a beauty and nice timing.
    Richard Armstrong - Wonderful. Which is which?
    Bill J Boyd - nice color combination; sky and the statue.
    Richard Karash - beautifully done HDR.
    Buglady - oh! my... As a photo, very well done!
    Tom Mann - wonderful street shot.
    Ian Rance - love the photo; center horizon working very well.
    Paul SooHoo - nice shot.
    Seeing and picking up these my favorites, I really feel the low level of mine. Have to practice a lot more, I guess.
    Just an observation (not complaint) - portrait photo takes up bigger space than landscape photo. Suppose the system accepts as long as the horizontal length is below 700.
    See you in a few days.
  159. Mike M - very nice late entry! Very creative use of the day's weather.
  160. Ken - Thank you for you comment & for noticing my photo. He did it a few times, but this was the only time he did not go out of my frame. I was almost too close this time.
  161. Finally have a little time to really go through the thread, great job everyone!
    Lil- Glad you like the Jag, nice duck shot.
    Joseph Leotta- Very nice collection of autumn images.
    Roberta Davidson- Like the detail that you captured.
    Jeannean- How do you do it? Always great work.
    Alejandro- Beautiful image, the rainbow really makes it kick.
    Richard Armstrong- Super photo.
    Bill J Boyd- Nice contrast between the warmth of the angels and darkness of the sky.
    Peter Heritage- Shooting into the sun really sets this one off.
    Josh Loeser- Like the photojournalistic feel of your image.
    Andrew Fedon- Cool shot, almost looks like 2 photos made into 1.
    John DiLeo- Like it a lot.
    Good shooting to all, see you in a couple of days.
  162. John - sure I do & thanks for enjoying my Mandarin Duck.
  163. Thanks Tiffany; I have thought a lot of times in this topic, don`t ask me why I used to shoot this kind of subjects (dead birds, dogs, cats, etc.). Your folder produce on me somekind of goth?/romanthic feelings...
    Dieter, although light was so rude (a SB800 directly over the fly at a few milimeters) the resulting softness was pleasant to me... the reason of posting this pic. Thanks Paul, Jeannean and Richard for your kind comments.
    Well, my mentions this week are for Lil`s duck, Greg Kowalczewski birds, Steve`s plane, Tiffany`s heart (I like that atmosphere on many of your pics), Ian`s walking scene (like the colors, too), Mike McCann´s wedding, and my favourite, Dave Lee`s funny toast!
    Thank you all for participating. See you tomorrow.
  164. Thanks to Alex Foto , Tiffany Brook (from time to time someone goes there to jump to follow that rainbow, fortunately no while I was there!) and John DeMarco for your kind words

    Great pictures everyone, the ones that caught a little more my attention were:

    The Architectural pics of Dan South and James Kazan . The colors in Alex Foto lane, Maurice Orozco sky and Waldemar Giers fall.

    From the natural world: Jeannean Buglady colorful crowd, Paula Wang Great Blue, Dieter Schaefer Osprey, Sjoerd Leeuwenberg mushroom and Lil Judd Mandarin Duck (glad your horse is better!)

    The humor of Greg Kowalczewski birds serial, Ken Yamamoto runner and mike mccann umbrellas

    The night shots of Richard Karash and Aguinaldo de Paula

    The kid in Phil Evans shot, the portrait of Tiffany Brook and the poetry in Epp B picture and Sergio Galicia St Francis

    See you tomorrow
  165. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    It is Tuesday already and is time to close this thread from last week.
    I should point out that in early October, I nominated that Jose Angle to be a hero because of his contribution to these Wednesday threads, and Lex quickly agreed. However, since Josh was very busy, the nomination did not take effect until late October while I was on vacation. So a belayed congratulation to Jose; thanks a lot to your consistent job every week.

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