Nikon Wednesday Pic 2010: #20

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    Happy Wednesday, all. Spring is happening in fits and starts this year - but the local kids seem to have it well in hand. Come to think of it, though, this scene sort of reminds me of 12:15 AM on a Nikon Wednesday. There's always somebody with that extra bit of drive. Let's see who it is today. Share a photo!
  2. I have to stop working these late hours.
    Australian Cattle Dog Litter at 7 weeks old.
  3. Happy WedNEsDAy everyone.
    Thank you to everyone who commented on my photos the last couple of weeks. I appreciate your time and comments. I apologize for not reciprocating but I’ve been sick and am just now beginning to feel better. My doctor says I’ve turned the corner and am on the mend.
    I haven’t been out of the house to photograph anything for over ten days and for that reason I’m submitting a shot taken in ’07 with my first Nikon. Just looking at it made me feel a little better. I hope you like it.
  4. Happy Wednesday! Well, it is May and the PGA professional golfers have arrived in Dallas, Texas for the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. I attended the practice round this morning. My image this week is of a caddy toting a very large golf bag.
  5. Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Ca.
  6. WedNEsDAy PiC #20

    Jelena Jankovic slams down an ace at the 2009 Australian Open. She won the match. This shot reminds me how well my "jack of all trades" lens is able to perform when travelling light. I used this lens exclusively for 12 months.
    Camera: Nikon D200
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 200 mm, 1/500 sec, f/5.6 and ISO 100 (Manual, hand held, -1 EV)
  7. Spotted this light orb in my backyard tonight!
  8. Not so happy Tuesday evening from Seattle. While this is not technically Nikon gear...I have only used Nikon images with my PS programs. And...I am a pretty regular poster/follower on this here it contribution...this is the message I got on my main know...the one WITH ALL MY IMAGES! Ugh...most of are backed up. Still waiting to here if we can retrieve the data. Happy Shooting and back up those files!
  9. Nikon D80, 18-200mm Nikkor zoom
  10. It's not that often that you see anyone who can still throw a knuckle-ball, much less a 12 year-old. Nonetheless, my son's teammate seems to have mastered a lost art, although he isn't exactly Tim Wakefield just yet...
    D700 + AF-S 300 f/2.8 VR, ISO 320, 1/1250s @ f/2.8
  11. Tiffany, So sad. What an unfortunate thing. You can recover the data. Most computer consultants can do it even if the OS is trashed. A forensics shop, like Applied Discovery in Seattle, can recover the files if no one else can, but they are pricey. Good luck!
  12. A very large concrete block resting on supports under the interstate highway. It was a counter weight for the old railway bridge featured in last week's photo. My guess is it was too big and heavy to move or breakdown, so it was left standing on steel supports. This is a 5 photo panorama stitched together in Autopano and then rendered as an HDR with CS5. You can see three of my friends wandering around in the photo to give you a sense of the scale.
  13. Just a little lady bug...not many cool bugs yet for me to shoot~ some flies, mosquitoes and spiders...we had a good rain today, so I am hoping for tomorrow's trek, there will be some more interesting bugs to shoot. Thanks for the comments on my duckling last week. Enjoy your Wednesday all...I always look forward to seeing what you all post here.
    See issues led to a posting error
  14. Have a nice week all.
    Tiffany, at least you have some backup. Hope you recover all.
    Real men do not back up, they cry!
    Todays picture is from the old water mill seen from the pond, shot yesterday afternoon.
  15. A shot of the neighborhood....
  16. Kids watching jellyfish at the Monterey bay aquarium this weekend.
    D90 w/ 12-24 f4 @ 12 mm f4 3200 ISO 1/25
  17. Good Wednesday to all. This little guy showed up on a lamp post yesterday. Great model. Nikon D3, Nikkor micro 105 2.8 AIA, !00 ss. F/4, ISO 800, SB800 on camera flash with diffuser.
  18. [​IMG] Weather in Candiac (Quebec, canada) has been a garden variety - sometimes spring, winter and summer. Decided to get down to the waterfront park (St.Lawrence river) yesterday afternoon and watch the sun go down. Found some 'dead wood' and some interesting reflections on the water. D300, f/8 70-300 VR at 1/8th - VR off since the camera was mounted on a tripod. D-light was set to high.
  19. Hello Everybody,
    Tiffany, you win a shocking photo of the week this week. Really sorry to hear, what happened to you, I hope you can still get the images back.
    My photo this week is from my outing to the city with my friend, she was visiting here and didn't have a tripod to try out the long exposures, so I let her use mine and I played with the camera handheld instead. I flipped the camera a little, whilst taking the photo to smudge the lights and the man in the photo added another element. I like the feel of the picture, even technically it isn't perfect. Taken with Nikon D700, 24-70 f/2.8@ ISO 3200, 1/2,5s, f/11.
    Have a good week.
  20. Hello everyone
    Thank you to all the people that commented on my macro shot of the hibiscus. I found it unusual myself
    Today i have a dragon fly
  21. Great Wednesday, everybody! And good luck, Tiffany, with your computer.
    I made this photograph last week in the garden of Filoli, an historic site of the National Trust of Historic Preservation, near Woodside, CA. If you happen to be in the vicinity, stop by -- you will not regret it.
  22. My first attempt at HDR, taken at Latham Bay, Dunedin looking out towards Pudding Island.
  23. Hello everyone..
    Here's another photo taken at Bamburgh beach in my Northumberland series.
  24. Nikon D60
    AF-S DX VR 55-200mm @65mm
    ISO 200
  25. Hello Everybody !
    First of all I would like to thank very much Jonas Fjellstedt, as well as Hayley Karl and Doug Rice, for their comments and mentions of my picture last week.
    So far, I have specially enjoyed Gej Jones Venise warm colours (hope you get well soon), Greg Kowalczewski's tennis player, Jennifer Meighan's "Lil Lady" (fantastic colours and composition), Scot Pogorelc's baseball player, Samford Gerald's and gigantic "Blowing Bubbles". My deep sympathy to Tiffany Brook´s hard disk failure, reminding all of us of the absolute need of backuping our precious photos...
    This week I am sharing with you a picture taken at a horse jumping championship in Portugal. The concentration of the rider, biting her tongue, was the reason for selecting this picture.
  26. acm


    Happy Wednesday folks! My entry is a picture I took about 4 months back in a Casablanca Hotel where I was staying. Never processed it since, which I did last night. The courtyard restaurant was totally empty and I did get an interesting perspective from my fifth floor lobby.
  27. Hey Everyone! This week has been busy and gone by really fast! My picture is from a dumpster fire near where I live, I just happened to be driving past, This shot made it to the paper and was printed, My first pic in the paper I was pretty stoked! Things are looking great so far! Jeff Lipsman that is pretty cool I love it! Have a great week everyone!
  28. Last week has been exhausting & today our daughter graduated from college. Yesterday was Honors commencements & today the regular graduation. She's having her party which luckily is winding down, but I've been running on empty for a while now. She's going to Shanghai tomorrow morning at 5:30am for two weeks. I don't think she's done packing yet......
    OK this week's shot is another Reverse Lens macro, but I've made my life a bit harder. This is shot with the D300 & my 24mm f/2.8 AF. Shot in Manual metering, f/16, 1/60s, ISO 640, on board flash with diffuser. So now I'm down to approximately a distance of 1 inch or 25mm to my subject. This is a Katydid nymph with is less than 10mm in body length.
    I hope you'll enjoy - talk about no dof..... But I'm happy to say I'm even getting the 24mm f/2.8 reversed under control. Light on the subject is however not easily achieved. Oh, I should mention that this is the complete shot - no crop.
    Tiffany - good luck with your computer. That's not a happy message...... My thoughts will be with you.
  29. It is spring indeed. I've returned to Wrangell, Alaska finally, and I have to say I've very much missed the Tongass
    Nikon F100 Kodak Ektar 100 Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 @ 2.8
  30. Happy Wednesday, all! Wasn't able to post the past couple of weeks, so am especially happy that I could participate this week. Took this little guy while he was playing in the yard at a kid-sized picnic table.
  31. tamron 17-50/nikon d300
  32. Many thanks to Wayne Ervine and Doug Rice for your kind comments on my photo last week. In such august photographic company, it's a privilege to be noticed! The stand-out for me last week was Jose's extraordinary capture in Cambodia. I managed an inferior version of this subject a few years back in Guilin, but his is perfect!
    Nothing new today (I've been unwell for a couple of weeks). Staying with the chromes, I recently unearthed an indoor shot with Ektachrome that I rather like. It was taken in an old (unused) church in Amsterdam.
  33. Hi Tiffany,
    Assuming it is in fact a failed HDD and not a failure in the boot up sequence caused either by a hardware impediment (through a FDD or USB connection) or a software corruption (insert your boot up disk to confirm this) - then remove the HDD.
    Take the HDD to a qualified specialist uses non-destructive techniques and will only charge you for recovered files (and even better, only those with the file extensions you choose to recover).
    If they are able to recover the data by "seeing it" it as a secondary drive the recovery cost should be significantly less. If the drive either needs to be "repaired" or interrogated using special data recovery techniques things will become much more expensive. If the drive is dead, you will begin to incur costs the minute they start "doing things" to the drive - so make sure you understand the process as to how you will be charged.
    Now for some good news - provided smoke didn't come from the drive you should be able to get all your data files back.
  34. Hi all,
    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night...
    I'm again here after a while.
    My contribution to this Happy Wednesday is as follows:
    Nikon D300 and Micro Nikkor 60 mm G @ 60 mm, f/14, 1/800, ISO-800.
  35. Nothing like a quiet woodland trail on a spring day. The sound of the contented birds in the trees, occasional hush of wind in the treetops and the prostect of a sit down with tea and cake. I used my Nikon F100 and 75-240mm with Fuji Superia 200.
  36. I`ll contribute with another sports pic, taken on past sunday. They are our absolutely glorious water-polo team, one minute before starting the game. After the usual war cry, they all jumped to the water... :)
  37. I am going to join the theme of kids. I saw this yesterday when I picked my son (first in the row) and somebody entered the daycare.
  38. Lanarch Castle in Dunedin, New Zealand. The lighting was horrid when we visited, low clouds wisping across the grounds, very grey and overcast with colours muted everywhere so I kept B&W in mind. This is a partial de-saturation in photoshop, just leaving the Dark Lady roses on the trellis in colour.
  39. Portrait for this weeks Wednesday Pic...hope you like it...
    Shot was made with Fuji S3 Pro camera, so i hope it is ok to be in this thread...
  40. Caught this one coming in with some breakfest.
    D300 w 300/4 and TC-14E
    f5.6@1/2000 sec
    iso 320
    Thanks for looking, Rick
  41. Happy wednesday all.
    Not much from my side. Been too busy with moving and work to get out. So for now this is my attempt at coping with a brown dog on a brown chair. Gimp to the rescue. (maybe)
  42. It's been a few weeks since my last picture in this forum, (I have been having a lot of fun with my Olympus OM-1 and 35mm lens recently). It's great to be able to switch between old mechanical cameras and more modern techno-cameras and enjoy the benefits of both. This photo was taken recently in my back garden ("yard" for you guys across the atlantic)!
  43. " ... Gull Stream 345 Heavy, taxi to 22L and wait for clearance ... "
    Nikon D200, 70-210AFD @ 210, F8, 1/80th.
  44. Another great Nikon Wednesday!
    A curious neighbour.....see below :) (can't seem to attach an image after deleting original image (incorrect caption) )
  45. Nice shots everyone.
  46. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    Beautiful images are already posted and many more to come. My image is from the past week when I saw these flowers in my lane. Went out with D90 and Tamron 90mm, I was hoping to get a portrait of bee but they were so busy could not get an image what I was looking for. So here is another one with shallow depth of field and I liked it. May be should be more conscious about composition... rule of third :)
    Tiffany: Wishing you a luck, hope you can retrieve data.
    Nikon D90 Tamron 90mm 1/500 f16 ISO 400
  47. Fat Albert ,Blue Angels
  48. IR conversion in PS CS4.
    Thank you for commenting my last week pic.
    best regards.
  49. Hello all
    Thanks to Doug Rice, Jeanne Hauschild and Greg Kowalczewski for your comments on my
    last week pic.

    Taken 2 saturdays ago at Polo Circo Festival, while looking at the Swiss acrobats duo, Tr'space with Mischa Blau as Guest Musician.

    Tyffany: hope you can recover all your pics!
    PS. Week 20 ! I began posting last year at week 20 a whole year torturing Nikonians eyes with my pics!!
    by by Alejandro
    D300 + 18-200 VR @ 135mm - f 5.6 - 1/160 - ISO 4000
  50. Monday evening.
    D300 with 35-70mm AF @ f 3.3. 1/50s. ISO 200
  51. My image this week was taken last week in Cades Cove, Tennessee. This is a wild Black Bear. Taken with Nikon D300, Nikon 200-400mm f4 lens + 1.4 TC. ISO 400, 1/80 second, f 6.3 @ 200mm. -.33 EV
  52. Gej, hope you are back to 100% very soon. And good luck Tiffany.
    Snapped this from a parking lot. D700, 24-70 @ 24mm, ISO 800, 1/40 @ f/4.
  53. Good Morning! A very busy week this week. Didn't get back to look at the rest of the great shots on this thread. Trilliums are blooming in our woods. This one was shot with my D300, 105 mm micro nikkor at f5, 1/100 sec, iso 200.
    Have a great week!
  54. This weeks pic is an embrace towards the tulips that opened yesterday on our front yard.
    Taken today with D200 + 50mm AF Nikkor f1.8 (1/1000s, f4.0, ISO100). Cropped and little edit with PS.
  55. A lot of terrific shots already.
    Below is a pic in a local park after rain and heavy dew. There were broken spider webs everywhere with rain drops hanging on them like little jewels. It was wonderful!
    Nikon D90
    55mm f/3.5 MicroNikkor
    Exposure probably 1/60 sec at f/32 (taught me to pay attention to diffraction!!)[​IMG]
  56. Two nets at the beach last Sunday.
  57. My daughter needed to complete a school photography assignment, so I took her to a local university for some subject matter. I took this while she was snapping off two rolls of B&W film.
  58. Prom night and the traveling fair coincided last friday night.
  59. Good morning Wednesday viewers. Just got back from our grandson's wedding in AL and a trip through MS. GA, TN, KY, and OH to see grandkids and great-grand kids. After 73 years of driving through TN, I finally got to drive through the Smokey Mountains. My photo today is from one of the many overlooks available with good turnouts to get out and take photos. Nikon D300, 18-70 mm lens.
  60. Hi Nikonian folks, can you believe it, my laptop crashed. No worry, I'm full backup, just the trouble of reinstalling everything and do some cleanup. Meanwhile, I still have my netbook. No picture for this week. There are very nice pictures already. The ones that caught my eye or my mind.
    Matt L.
    Mark L.
    Tiffany : Oups Like your picture and understand EXACTLY what you are going trought
    Sanford G.
    Scott P.
    Tony H.
    Herb M. I like her style
    See you all next week (hope so)
  61. There is nothing like capturing the joy of a child...
  62. Up up and away into the wild blue yonder, next stop London, 5 hours away. Trouble with these long shots in the hot climate is that you get a lot of heat haze between the subject and the camera which distorts the edges. No way am i going to get any closer that.
    D700, iso 400, 1/1000, f/14, 270mm on the sigma 70-300
  63. First of all, many thanks to to Jose Arnaud, Doug Rice, Mark H, Narayan Kovvali, Jamie Harre and Jonas Fjellstedt for complimenting my first attempt on waterdrop picture I posted last week.

    I have to cheat and post a picture I took in a golf tournament I played last year. Ironically, golf is the reason I did not find time (shame on me!) to shoot pictures this week. It's hard to juggle between two of my favourite hobbies in the summer. I will try harder next week 8>

    D700 + 70-200mm vr1 + 1.7TC; 1/500s, ISO500, f/4.8

    Golf Buddies Soaking Golden Hours Sunlight
  64. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. I know mine has started well just looking at these images.
    I found myself crawling around my yard this past week looking for bugs. This is my first photo ever of a lady bug.
    I was so thrilled to find in sitting on the parsley in my herb garden. I'm sure they have been around in the past, but I did not take the time to look and see.
  65. Hello to all, As always just beautiful images again from all around the globe. It still amazes me and inspires me even more.
    I was at Lake Lemon in Indiana a week back and riding around the lake I found this creek and just fell in love with the lighting. I did do a post treatment of Velvia.
    I will be back later and comment on some of the submissions. Thanks for a couple of nice mentions last week.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  66. here's lookin' at you, kid!
  67. This one taken above Boyne Mountain in Northern Michigan. Who says the D90 is only good to ISO 1600?
  68. Greetings, Nikon Buddies. Lots of nice work this week; sorry I'm too rushed to comment on specifics. Maybe I'll get to that, later. In any case, it's great to see so many interesting shots.
    My picture is the sunset behind the construction at the university football stadium from a couple weeks ago.
  69. Sorry mates my computer didnt want to co-operate with me this morning it took some motivation to get it right.
    Here is a shot from Monday just playing with some smoke photography.
  70. Saturday was a long-awaited graduation day for my daughter. Pic here is just after she received her doctor's green "hood". She was really trying to be as restrained as the ceremony, but just couldn't suppress that "No s..., I did it!" smirk. D700 on ISO 2500, Micro Nikkor 105mm at f/5.6 at 1/125.
  71. Nice shots today all. Great shots of the airplanes. Although it can't be said enough about backing up your photos and critical files, make sure you put the backup copy in another location than where your computer is located. I backup to three different portable drives, with one of those stored in my office 20 miles away.
    At a ferry port near Tacoma, WA, caught this gull admiring the boats.
  72. Here is a prarie dog family I spotted near Boulder, Colorado.
  73. At the moment, I don't have time to comment on all of the great shots here. I'll try to get back in later. Here's mine for the week.
  74. Francesco Pessolano:
    Priceless! Here is my contribution: nothing special but it might demonstrate the capabilities of one of my favorite lens, the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 on a Nikon D90.
  75. Good Wednesday Nikonians!
    Great shots as always everyone. I'll come back tonight when I have a bit more time to really check everything out and post my comments.
    I didn't have time to post last week, and I spent a lot of time shooting. Picking the right shot for this week seemed a challenge, but it's probably my favorite action shot this week.
    This is a shot on goal in a Boy's High School Lacrosse Game
  76. Sun Flare at Chieow Laan Lake in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
    D200, Tamron 17-50mm VC
  77. My favorite shot this week goes to Jeff Lipsman. I do love light painting. How'd you make the orb?
    It rained a ton last week in Maryland, so I stayed inside and shot self-portraits. I'm trying to learn how to use off-camera flash. Here's my best shot, and you can click through to see a contact sheet from the shoot:
    Nikon D40, 70-300mm VR @ 1/500s, 98mm, f/13 and ISO 200
    Nikon SB-25 at 1/8 power, camera left, triggered by Cactus Triggers V4.
  78. St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Los Angeles. D700, 14mm.
  79. Good morning...
    Another beautiful WedNEsDAy...
    My contribution today comes from this past Saturday - a beautiful day in the east coast...I happen to stop-by the skyline in VA from the rear end.
    D300s with Sigma 24-55 mm/f 2.8 shot @ 26mm f/13 1/125th sec ISO100 hand-held, and unsharpen mask applied in PS CS.
  80. No time to comment in detail as I'm heading out of town to see my grandson in a Shakespeare play, but all photos are so enjoyable so far! This shot is a sunrise through my front door. The little cairn terrier silhouette is hanging on the front porch with my house numbers on it! I thought it made the shot pop!
  81. Sunset. Nikon D300
  82. Hampton Court Palace Garden, London
  83. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    One of the very special kites from a recent Festival
  84. Here is one for this past week. I used a 300 mm lens and all the extension I had with me to make the background flowers create the soft pastel. A very goofy sight for anyone watching me do this to see.
  85. I just love spring photography!
  86. The Sunshine Hill Climb bike race...from Boulder to Gold Hill, Colorado on May 19, 2010. Image was taken using a Nikon D700 and a 70-200.2.8 VRI lens. PP'd in LR2, CS5, Nik Efex Silver Pro
  87. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    This image was captured on April 25. Unfortunately, some of the flowers had already past peak and had dried up. I'll remember to go there a little earlier next year.
    Nikon D300 with 300mm/f2.8 AF-S VR + TC-14E, hand held @ f4 for an effective f5.6, 1/2000 sec and ISO 400.
    Tiffany, sorry to hear about your computer problems. Traditional hard drives are the most vulnerable part of any computer due to fast-spinning mechanical parts. Hope you can recover the images. In the longer run, having a few backups is key. I just bought yet another 2T Western Digital drive to store my images, as Costco has $20 off for them this month ($129 final cost).
  88. 3sh


    1/400s, f/8, ISO 320 at 300mm with D300
  89. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Incidentally, I have cleaned up a number of posts where the posters were unable to attach images. If you have trouble with that, we have the detailed procedure here:
    See my 2nd post in that thread. To have an image attached to your post, please (1) supply a JPEG image no wider than 700 pixels horizontally and (2) type in a caption. Those JPEGs should be within 300K bytes in file size.
  90. Thank you for commenting my photo last week! This one was taken in Photo Trip to Estonia last week.
  91. Excellent stuff as always. Very cool "orb" Jeff. I'll have to try that. This is one of my early shots with my new Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens - love the lens on my D90. Oh, and yes, my wife dyed the kids' hair that day - my daughter wouldn't let her put in a pink stripe so she has a blonde highlight.
  92. Unfortunately not a lot of time this past week, D80-18-135mm kit lens @ 135mm f/5.6 1/400s taken 2 weeks ago before the hail storm damaged all the flowers on the house's garden.
  93. More experiments with the homemade body cap pinhole.
    D200, Pinhole, f/144(?) 10 seconds, ISO 200.
  94. hi this is mi contribution of the week.
  95. Happy Wednesday everyone, looking good, as always!
    Last Friday one of the most beautiful buildings in my home town caught fire, thanks to certain unnamed multinational hamburger chain and it's deep fryer...
  96. Kent Shafer I just spotted a face in your clouds formation. It's on the very top in the middle. You can see a triangle face with dark area around the eyes. Cool shot
  97. Seems like Wednesdays offerings keep getting better and better. This week I just spent some time creating imags for my wifes website.
    D300 18-70mm Nikor
  98. My contribution this week. Tandem flying
  99. Hi all,
    From the deck of a ferry I got this nice gull.
  100. a barn swallow at the Hayward shoreline, CA[​IMG]
    D80 400mm, f/9, 1/640s, ISO 500
  101. Some really great stuff this week!!
    A few favorites:
    Herb MArtin - love the story this image tells! :)
    Petter Heritage - stunning image! I love the colors and the shadows in this
    Jana Hughes - looks like painting with light at its best! I love this
    Obviously everyone's work is amazing this week.
    My contribution this time around is from a short hike I took up South Mountain here in Phoenix. It was a hot day out (almost hit 100) so I idn't take too long- lugging 20 lbs of camera gear up a mountain in 100 degree heat is a great workout but not the most fun I ever had :)
    Stopped to admire this little bush- creosote, I think. Smells like rain in the AZ desert, no matter what the weather!
  102. An about 1/3 crop Pic. Taken at an university campus.
  103. In Tallinn on Sunday.
  104. Here's the shots that spoke to me this week.
    Mark Cooper - Cute puppies
    Gej - Beautiful shot...Venice?
    Enrique R - Great shot of the falls
    Greg K - Great shot
    Jeff Lipsman - Very cool sphere. I've been mesmerized by it trying to figure out how it was done.
    Tiffany - Good Luck recovering everything. I hope you get everything back.
    Sanford - BUBBLES!
    Scott P. - Great shot! Looks like he might be ready for the bigs when Wake's ready to retire.
    Jennifer M. - Love the lady bug.
    Jens F. - Nice long exposure
    Rick Dohme - looks like the little guy was patient.
    Tony Hadley - very cool
    Grant Tanner - Great shot. I need to get out and shoot some dragonflies this summer. They're not out yet in my neck of the woods.
    Mikhail Tsypkin - Beautiful rose.
    Anish M - another great long exposure
    Apurva - I love the geometric patterns made with the tables and the floor.
    Marc McCoy - This is a great shot. Glad it made the paper. Congrats!
    Lil Judd - WOW! Amazing shot.
    Ryan Long - Amazing colors. I'm not one for shooting into the sun, but this shot really works.
    Fred Amico - A bit blown out, but the expression is priceless.
    Matthew Brennan - Great shot. I would like to see it in color too.
    Rick Moran - Another great Osprey shot. I would expect no less.
    Jim Momary - Perfect caption for this shot.
    Peter G - It's not very often that you see Fat Albert flying. I've only seen it once out of many many Blue Angels shows.
    Kent Shater - interesting... the mirrored image looks like a face.
    Richard Armstrong - I almost submitted a painted trillium in full bloom this week.
    Doug Rice - I'm never up early enough to get beautiful shots like this.
    Roberta Davidson - Another great ladybug for this week
    Phil Burt - Great lighting. I really like this shot.
    William Pahnelas - The DOF in this shot is what makes it special.
    Doug Santo - What a beautiful church.
    Robert Premkumar - Great Sunset
    Dejan Smiac - Looks like a messy day for a bike race. I love the expressions on their faces.
    Louis Meluso - Great shot. I love homemade pinhole shots. I'm surprised that you got such a clean shot off of digital with it.
    Steve Balden - Doesn't look like kitty wanted you to take his picture.
    If I didn't mention you, no hard feelings...there's just too many great shots to comment on.
  105. Happy Wednesday everyone. So many great shots so far.
    I went for a bike ride through a nearby neighborhood that is much nicer than where I live. Since I wanted to travel lightly I took only my 50mm 1.8 and 28-80 f3.3-5.6 G kit lens. Managed to capture a few good images...well, one's that I liked anyway.
  106. Happy Wednesday. With all that planning for the upcoming festival season, I almost forgot to put a shot up..
    My contribution was shot last night in a very small concert venue. Still, the long lens allowed for selecting a clutter-free background, and to gather as much of the light as possible. Nikon D700 at ISO 4000, 70-200/2.8 VR, 1/125 @ f/2.8, RAW processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.
  107. Nikon D200 & 35-70 F3.3 AF lens. Shot in early morning, tripod mounted. Wife is happy, they finally bloomed.
  108. The photos are amazing. I waste more time here than I do on Facebook, which is a good thing. A few of my favorites this week:
    Jennifer Meighan Wow, that is an unbelievable macro. Incredible detail, magical background.
    Jens Frederiksen Beautiful long exposure gives the cottage a fairytale feel. Nicely done.
    Tony Hadley Wonderful colors, peaceful.
    Anish Mankuthel Another water scene of beauty. The three rocks give it a nice Zen feeling.
    Marc McCoy Congratulations on being published with that dramatic scene. Nicely captured.
    Alejandro Held Cool performance scene. Another photo with some drama.
    Kent Shafer You snapped that from a parking lot? In Sodom or Gomorrah? Ominous in a biblical sense. I like it.
    Gabriel Hasser What a portrait! Great work. Nice teeth too! By the way, I made the orb with a home made "Orbinator" I dreamed up yesterday afternoon. Drop me a line and I'll give you the details.
  109. Ok, lets try this again. Sheeesh, you think I would have this process imbedded in my brain by now.
  110. As usual, the colors I see on pnet are more saturated than what I see on my monitor. Oh, well. Another challenge. Another great Wed of photos. I enjoy looking at everyones work. Great job.
  111. Monmouth racetrack backstretch-Nikon D90(Topaz filter)
  112. Great variety (as usual). Thank you to Jose Arnaud and Richard Snow for your kind words which are greatly appreciated. Some brief comments on a large array of choices (and as usual, I am leaving too many out):
    Brian Winshell - Love the streaming effect of the light rays.
    Dejan Smaic - Great bike ride shot.
    Gabriel Hasser - Impressive scream.
    Ilkka Nissila - Great "pop" on the key subject.
    Jeff Lipsman - Amazing view and well-lit orb plus reflection.
    Jens Frederiksen - Love the slight shimmer on the water which brings everything to life.
    Jose Angel - War cry? Number 8 has fallen asleep and other are set to follow :)
    Jose Arnaud - Great timing on the jump.
    Lawrence Ho - The golden walk (half expected to see Tiger in there).
    Lil Judd - Great shape defining effect. Is there any field of depth left?
    Martin Z. - Great colours and sense of calmness.
    Rick Dohme - Eye catching moment.
    Roberta Davidson - Up close and personal always make these shots more interesting.
    Tony Hadley - Amazing colours … minus the front branches would have been perfect (for me)
  113. An about 1/3 crop Pic. Taken at an university campus. (had probrem in uploading image before)
  114. Another great week of great shots. Keep up the great work!
    This is a shot I took this morning in Bodega, CA This is the St Theresa Church is is a historical landmark. Also a backdrop for Hitchcock's "Birds"
  115. Well, better late than never with some compliments:

    Tiffany - I'm hoping for the best
    Matt L, Sanford G, Fred A, Francesco P, Jeff S, Jay P, Jose C - great kid pics: I'm a sucker for them
    Mark L, Wayne E, Adey L, Steve B - I'm a sucker for pet pics too
    Scott P - love the determined look
    Gej, Jens F, Pascal V, Chris M, Ryan L, Ian R, Aguinaldo P, Glen K, Phil B, Brian W, Robert P, Mike E, Cory A - lovely scenics
    Greg K, Jose A, Richard S, Peter N - very nice sports shots
    Jeff L - Cool; I think I figured it out:) Does it involve string?
    Dave L, Peter G, Andrew F - nice plane pics (again)
    Allan A - I love that aquarium! Nice shot.
    Rick D, Grant T, Ray G, Roberta D, Wililam P, Keith O, Sankha H, Markku V, D. Griffith - great macros (as usual :)
    Tony H, Anish M, Mitchell F, Martin Z - really lovely colors
    Jana H - I like it too
    Mikhail T, Kermel R, Daniel O, James S, Richard A, Juho N, Eric B, Andres A, Wenshu C - Spring is great
    Jeff H - lovely eyes (and they match her top)
    Apurva M, Peter H, Doug S, Alex F - nice architectural shots
    Marc M - congrats!
    Rick M, Shun C, John M, Brian C - how do you get these shots?
    Jim M - that's funny!
    Alejandro H, Ilkka N, Thomas G - nice performance shots
    Tim H - nice WA (and irony)
    Herb M - love the ciggie and and sophistication
    Lawrence H - great light!
    Erik C - that;s the coolest kite ever!
    Dejan S - I'm glad I wasn't in that ride!
  116. [​IMG]
    Nikon D40 - 55-200mm aperture 5.6 iso 200 shutter 320
  117. NIKON D60 42mm LENS 18-55MM VR
    Just got the D60 and was experimenting
  118. Taken with a Vivitar Series 1 105mm f/2.5 macro on a D80. Not bad for ancient glass.
  119. Sorry, I’m a bit late this Wednesday. My thanks for the positive comments on my “Sarah” pic last week. I really enjoy being a pat of the Wednesday crew here – your work is wonderful.
    Nikon D300 & Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 fisheye - Exposure 1/60th f2.8 ISO 500
  120. In my opinion this is the best wEdNesDay ever - congratulations to all (Great orb Jeff! Stunning image Shun!) There is reason to celebrate in Western Alaska this week - the Kuskokwim River broke and river travel is in full swing. My image is a Waterworld shot conjured from reflected and refracted light in a glass half filled with water. It's not great but it's strikingly similar to my neighborhood view of the Kuskokwim River.
  121. Andrew, you're lucky to get that close to an active runway. If we here in the States were photographing that close to an active runway at an international airport, we'd be arrested and accused of terrorism!! The only way I can photograph airplanes like the one I submitted tonight is to shoot at a Boeing airfield like Paine Field in Everett. Plus I was attending an airshow with thousands of other people shooting photos as well. If I tried shooting that close at Sea-Tac Airport near Seattle, I'd be arrested for sure. Gotta love the USA and "freedom".
  122. mbh


    Many beautiful images posted this Wednesday, the thread is a joy to read.
  123. @ Doug Rice, I was standing on the upper deck of a ferryboat at about 10 o'clock in the morning when a group of sea gulls were flying around. I took a number of shots of them with the camera hand held. I chose one for this Wednesday. After downsizing the image I applied some sharpening because the lens at 200mm is a bit soft.
  124. I was out on Sunday with a D40 and my old 200mm AIS Micro-Nikkor, which makes for a really nice working distance for close-ups.
  125. This Wednesday was a Jewish holiday so I'm submitting something I took last week early one winter's morning with my D80 and a 35/1.8.
  126. Southern Nationals at Atlanta Dragway. D200 with 70-200mm f/2.8 VR.
  127. Dave L, I wouldn't mind the opportunity to visit Paine field either. We obviously share the same passion for airplanes and I do admire your excellent photos time and again. I am lucky in that many of my friends are pilots or associated with airplanes, and its all about who your friends are. At Larnaca, the flying clubs and light aircraft apron are parallel to the main runway and taxiway, so if and when we are airside, at the clubs legitimately with security clearance etc, we have a ringside view of eveything. We have air rally days a few times a year, where a few light planes and their crews from two other airfields visit, I do the photos of the crews, and also gives me an opportunity to move about within the limits of the light aircraft apron and to spend all day there with friends and to take ringside photos without being hassled. Got one this weekend which I guess I'll taking photos at again. We also have a good public 'spotters' beach by the approach. I can well understand the paranoid security in the US, its a sign of the times. Even on the public beach, just outside the boundary fence, the patrolling police might stop to question you especially if you look 'dodgy', but leave you alone when they see you're genuine, so to speak. From outside the airfield, went to another part of the airfield recently to do some spotting, with a pilot friend, and got asked to move on when spotted by airport police.
    Doug R, thanks for liking our airplane photos.
    Wayne W, is there anything else between you and the wild bears apart from your camera ? Something like a safe sturdy car ?
    So many fine photos from everyone....
  128. Happy Nikon Wednesday!
    This is a photo from a Photo Safari to Kenya (Simba Marara Safaris) that I lead last year. Hope you enjoy the photo!
    Nikon D80, Lens 55 - 200 VR

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