Nikon Wednesday 2020: #25

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    Happily, this evening's dinner fish taco was washed down with a refreshing beer. Reminded me of my encounter the other day with a giant beer-making machine. Well, sort of. This Case combine was opened up for some maintenance work - just in time to get it in fine shape for a weekend of barley harvesting. Said barley headed, of course, to become many, many nice cold beers. The combine separates the grain from the stalks, so it's also producing barley straw (which another incredibly complex machine slurps up off the ground and turns into bails for countless other uses). I'm reminded of a politician who recently said that farming was easy - just poke a hole in the ground and put in a seed, anyone can do it. Nope, that's not what farmers do, not even close! These million dollar machines require expert (and expensive) maintenance to play their part in putting food on our tables and beer in our glasses to wash it down.

    Any behind-the-scenes photos to share, this Nikon Wednesday? Of course, any photo will do. Go! combine_1.jpg
  2. Carmel Mission 2010, Nikon D50, no lens data, must have been an old M.F.
    Carmel Mission 10_8.jpg
  3. Z6 50mm f1.8 S 1/320th f8 iso 100 D20_1865.jpg
    Z6 14-24G @14mm 1/125th f9 iso 100
  4. Alsace-Riquewihr
    Nikkormat EL​
  5. An image from San Francisco that I originally dismissed because it was so badly backlit.
    Nikon D300, 10-20mm Sigma San Francisco Cable Car.jpg
  6. Think my warranty is still good? nikon70-200_1.jpg
  7. Google search has no listings for Pierce Scientific Co, According to Google Maps, 221 E State St., Trenton NJ appears to be a two story residence, Unless there is a business run out of a garage, I suspect your warranty has expired. :)
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  8. Hey kids, look what I brought!

    good parenting.jpg
  9. Nikon D750 16-35mm f4 boulders26-(1-of-1)-copy-3.jpg
  10. What's in your garage? Pholcidae or Daddy Long legs.jpg
  11. 0001NIK Ojos-Mosca-Monstruo-Micro-NikkorP55+E2+PN-11.jpg Reversed Micro-Nikkor P 55 + E5 + PN-11 rings on D100
  12. 0003a Bombones Chocolate Dulces-Micro-NikkorP55.jpg Micro-Nikkor P 55 on D 100
  13. D850 + Sigma 150mm 2.8 @ 5.6 (OS Busted) Stack of 12 handheld but braced with a short monopod.

    Little critter is about 10mm long, minus antennae, on a rose petal.

    2020-06-17-16.35.07 ZS PMax.jpg
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