Nikon N90 Half press to focus accidentally clicks

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by sajid_saiyed, May 28, 2022.

  1. Hi,
    This might sound like a stupid question, but I am really looking for some advise here :D
    Recently I have started shooting film and purchased Nikon N90.

    One thing I noticed with N90 is that the half press to focus is so sensitive that many a times it accidentally clicks the picture instead of focusing. I have been a long time D600 user and I am used to focusing using half press, but I don't get that many accidental clicks.

    So I wanted to know if this is how it is supposed to be and I need to be really careful?
    It is something I am doing wrong here.
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    Seems to be working as designed. I rarely trip the shutter unintentionally, but the big difference is that on DSLRs, no film is wasted. :cool:
  3. Thanks. This might be one reason to justify my urge to buy F100. :D
    F100 custom AF button on the back could greatly reduce my accidental fast finger clicks.
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  4. On my F90, same camera, I don't have that problem and it works the same as on my digital camera's.
  5. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I might be just not lifting my finger enough and trying to half press constantly like i do on my DSLR. They both have different tolerance, so my muscle memory might be the problem.
  6. You're buying old sh*t, and expecting it to behave like new? Springs wear out, switch contacts get bent with use, etc., etc.

    Lower your expectations of old and used gear.
  7. Practice a lot with no film in the camera. There's a knack to it.
    Was even when it was new.

    Although rodeo_joe, as he sometimes does, has a point.
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  8. Perhaps spring wears out as I never have that problem with any of the cameras I have.
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  9. My F801S is also a bit too "trigger Happy", wj\hat works for me is a MR-3 release button on the 10-pin connector ( at the left side of the lensmount). , the MR-3 was not made for this purpose but it works for me since it is much less sensitive than the standard shutter release. Oké i need th trigger the shutter with my left hand , but it works for me. It also is usefull for vertical shots as an extra shutter button, and it also fits the shor remote trigger AR-4 if i want to do macro perfectly ( also works on my D500 and i guess any other camera with a 10 pin connector like the N90 / F90)
  10. Srry, the MR-3 release is connected through the AR-4 short cable connector, but this combo works perfectly for me.
    It was some time ago since i used this, hence the mistake..
  11. Thanks a lot everyone.
    I get your points. I may need to get used to it as I use it more :)
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  12. You don't need a reason to upgrade to an F100. It is a fantastic camera.
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  13. FEEL
    Camera shutter releases feel different between brands and sometimes between models.
    Some cameras have a harder to detect half press feel.

    And as RJ said, all bets are off with old gear.
    Does it even have a "half press" option.

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