Nikon Lens Discounts?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rwa757, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Any word on fiscal year end lens discounts?
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  2. I really don't think anyone would know unless they worked for Nikon and even then I'm sure it's kept quiet until they announce. I don't think there were any fiscal year end rebates last year, so I'll be surprised if we see them this year. But I'm hoping, as I've been thinking about getting the 35 1.8g after selling my 35 2.0 last year.
  3. Personally, I wish they wouldn't do it. I know, I know, But. I purchased the 55-200mm VR II lens to use with my D200. I paid $349.00. Then, maybe 2 months later while purchasing the highly discounted D750 package last May. I noticed that the 55-200 was now going for $200 less! I was rather pissed off. Then I reminded myself how much I saved on the D750. It made it a little better, but still. Now I can't even get $125 for the 55-200 and I hardly even used it.

    Sorry for my rant! The weather here is to blame :eek:
  4. Another good reason to not do rebates is Nikon saves me a lot of money. Last year I was going to get the 70-200 f4 if they did a rebate on it. They never did, so I ended up getting a near mint condition one off of KEH for over $500 less than they sell for new.
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  5. I have no issues with used mechanical lenses, and have several. Cuz there is very little to go wrong.
    But the thing that nags at the back of my head is the VR and electronic AF mechanism on the new lenses.
    If it fails under warranty OK, but if it fails on a used lens, no warranty and repair $$$ is on you.
    I guess if you save enough $$$ on a used lens, the repair gamble might be worth it.
  6. Just won a bid on a 70-200 f/4, for low enough to risk it. :D
    Now to determine if I want to spend the $120-170 for a tripod mount. Dang mount is expensive.
  7. There are cheap third-party ones. Just saying.
  8. I hope you got your D750 for less than $1500?

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