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  1. I have one with a similar design for the F3HP, found on eBay. Beautiful red leather, very chic, quite impractical. You will have to disassemble the front from the back before taking your photos, and find a clean place where to put the front.
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    Way back in 1977, I bought a similar leather case for the FE. At least in that case, the front part is still attached to the base with a button on the back side.
  3. That color certainly will draw attention ;-)
    Front will likely not fit many lenses - at least not any that are larger than the 50/1.8G.
    Never seen an image of the case from another angle than the one shown here. Does the bottom allow access to the battery and card without removing the case? Is there a hole, a flap, or what? And how does it attach - screwed into the tripod mount so that one can't even set the camera down because of that protruding screw. How does it look from the back - what does/doesn't it cover. And the left side of the camera - does it cover the connectors?
    I have seen quite a few different half cases for the Df - and they always shows views from all angles - only Nikon seems to think that one view is sufficient to sell a $250 case.
  4. Hi Dan, I have a Df also and was thinking of getting a case or half case for it. I think the Nikon case and strap look great. I also was considering a half case I saw on ebay. It is a Gariz case and it has a hole for accessing the battery/card compartment. I am leaning towards the half case partly for the looks and partly for gaing a better grip on the camera. I love my Df but I have big hands. From looking at the Gariz case in photos, it looks like it adds a little height to the camera and possibly give more to hold on to. I was curious if anyone has used the gariz and their opinions.
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    I wonder what the major issue is if you need to remove the base to access the battery and memory cards. In the old days, I also had to remove the base to change film, and battery. We didn't change batteries all that often back then, but film only lasted 36 frames (or fewer).
  6. Is it real leather? All previous Nikon ER cases that I've had have been made of a synthetic cardboard-like material with a plastic skin. The skin cracked and peeled off after a while, leaving a very unsightly looking case with white patches showing through the black finish.
    OTOH, if it is real leather I wouldn't let it anywhere near a lens or camera. IME leather attracts fungus spores and nearly every lens that I've stored in a genuine leather case has developed fungus. Coincidence - maybe, but since I got rid of all my leather lens cases I haven't had any fungus growth on (or in) my lenses. On balance I'd rather have cases that develop white bald patches than fungus in my lenses.
  7. In the old days, I also had to remove the base to change film, and battery. We didn't change batteries all that often back then, but film only lasted 36 frames (or fewer).​
    That's one of the reasons why many of us stopped using cases.
  8. Thank you for all your comments.
    But, it sounds like nobody has one, so I'll go first ;-) Ordered the brown version with matching Nikon AN-SPL002 leather strap.
    These obviously don't sell in high volume, but I really like the retro look and it will be nice for taking the camera without a bag for casual jaunts. Also, these will probably go away after a while, so if you want one...
    Will post some other views after Christmas.
  9. Just a few other thoughts.
    Battery and card access: A full charge and a 32 Gig card have always lasted me all day.
    Hoping a picture can be taken with the front hanging down from camera.
    I have several nice AF-D lenses that are smaller than the 50/1.8G, but I really hope the 18/2.8 fits in the case.
    Hoping there is a tripod screw socket in the bottom of the case (may send it back if not).
    Setting the camera down? As long as gravity is still working, I'm positive I will be able to set it down LOL :)
  10. I use regularly this kind of cases... specifically for the F3 and the Leica M6. With all respect to those who doesn`t like this ones, I think they are the best camera case design ever, even with the back thing. They are the smallest, lightest, wit better fit, great for carrying a camera outside the camera bag :)
    After using almost every case made in the world, I settled in this ones. Sadly, Nikon materials are far from noble, as Rodea says, they look like cardboard and old type plastic. They don`t last so much in a good cosmetic condition, they use to be also unglued, etc. Leica ones are true leather, they have a wonderful look (and smell!).
    P.D.: Only for standard lenses; if I had to use a long lens front adapter, I just take a compact bag.
  11. The F3 case which I got used only in recent years can be used in the way Shun described with his FE. You can have the front flap hanging down and take pictures you don't have to remove it.
    I have Nikon cameras since 1977 and the F3 since 82 but never had a case of any kind until recently I thought the case looks nice but I don't think it's very useful.
  12. I have not found a case useful for many years, because most of the time I'm either carrying the camera or putting it in a backpack or other carrier. But back when I had only one normal lens on my F, I did have the "neveready" case for it, and despite the need to take the camera out for film changes, I found it very handy, because it was so robust. You could throw the camera into a car, and generally treat it badly, and nothing would harm it.
  13. Doesn't a case get in the way of shooting? One more thing to fuss with. ;)

    Perhaps on a good day, when not too much shooting activity is anticipated, it would be nice to have the camera in a nice-looking case, as it can serve as a fashion statement as well. (?)
  14. Perhaps on a good day, when not too much shooting activity is anticipated, it would be nice to have the camera in a nice-looking case, as it can serve as a fashion statement as well. (?)​
    Yes I bought the case for the F3 for this reason. Both the case and the F3 are quite good looking. I am afraid the Df and its case don't look as well although much more expensive.
  15. Most of the time the flap does not get in the way, and if the front flap comes off you can leave it behind when you're walking around.
  16. Christmas has come, and the DF case (model CF-DC6) is in hand.
    It is made from supple leather with a delicious aroma. Pliable, you can feel the lens under the snoot. It fits very close, no wasted space inside. The inside is lined with microfiber cloth. The base portion is rigid and aides in handling the camera. No tripod socket, but I am keeping it. It also fits the 28/2.8D-AF lens, with HN-2 hood in place, perfectly. It's first class all the way. The strap (model AN-SPL001) is also nice, but it's not part of the case, it's a separate product made from different leather.

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