Nikon D800 Firmware update problem

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by slobodanpetrovic, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Unable to update new firmware, camera recognized it but doesn't matter how many times I press OK to update, NOTHING. Changed cards, downloads same. No final action. Earlier updates worked just fine. Any idea?
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    I would re-visit your procedure. Did you download the correct version for your platform (Windows vs. Mac) from Nikon and then correctly extract the firmware update from download, and place that in the root (top most) folder in your memory card?
  3. Also, make sure to have just one firmware file in the root level of the memory card. I couldn't apply a lens corection update when I had both it and a firmware update on the card.
  4. Thank you for suggestions, I formatted my card open download for Mac which I am using from Nikon site on my Nikon installed software update. Copy and paste .bin file alone. Put card in single slot only, in settings checked firmware version and bellow I see option "update" click on it and I see old and new versio with options to update or not. I said yes and OK and then nothing. Simply update action never starts. I remember after I purchased D800 they had new version and I did exactly the same and had no problem.
  5. Just a hunch, but try reversing the order of inserting the card and turning the camera on. Also try taking a picture and then updating the firmware without turning the camera off in between.
  6. Her is update screen

    IMG_5725 copy.jpeg
  7. Are you using the physical OK button on the left side of the camera or the center button of the d-pad to select Yes? You have to use the OK button.
  8. And are you using a fully charged battery ?
    Just asking..
  9. Man you are genius, I stupid was pushing OK button on the right, everything is OK now, thanks a lot
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    Glad it is working now. The D800 has no touch screen. The more-recent D500 and D850 do.
  11. I suspect this was more to do with the centre button on the multi-controller - which is mostly, but not always, the same thing as "ok" (I believe formatting memory cards is another exception). I honestly don't know why Nikon have both, and didn't just make "ok" a programmable button. Same for "info" and "i", which are confusingly similar on later bodies.

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