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  1. I am posting some unprocessed and uncropped images taken recently with my Nikon D 500 and my Nikon 500mm f4.0 AFS VR II FL E lens. The only camera settings made were Auto white balance, Aperture Priority. I varied the ISO and f stops and exposure compensation depending on lighting and other conditions. In general the light was overcast most of the time. My bird feeder is below a large oak tree so it is in shade most of the time unless early morning or late afternoon sun catches it.
    All pictures were taken with the camera and lens mounted to my tripod. I used the AF ON button to focus. AF-C was used for all shots. Dynamic area d25 was set for all of them too. VR on the lens was set to as set to ON.
    The pictures are not beautiful, but just test shots. Look at sharpness and feather detail.
    The camera meter was especially challenged by the colors on the blue jay.
    Lets hope the pictures get attached.
    JPEGS were made in Nikon Capture NX-D from NEF originals.
  2. Here is another
  3. And a third
  4. And the last one
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    Nice. Thanks a lot Joseph.
    Any comments on the pros and cons for the D500?
  6. PS.
    Sharpness could be a bit better.
  7. Shun, AF is very fast, which is a huge plus, especially if you lose focus with moving subjects, like birds in flight, when backgrounds change.
    All of the pictures above required minus exposure compensation even though three of them had no direct sun on them. The sensor/meter in the D 500 is very sensitive to any lighting changes. The test shots of blue jays taken in direct sun were just about useless as the lighter toned feathers were completely blown out at minus 1 and minus 1.3 exp compensation. I am not a tech person, but the sensor seems to be more sensitive to these lighting issues than the ones on my D 810 and D 800e.
    So far I have not seen a need to set AF Fine tune for my 500mm f4.0. I may have to set something for my 70-200mm f4.0. I have not tried my other lenses yet.
    I really love how quiet Continuous High burst shooting is. And I have set Continuous Low to 6 from the default of 5, I believe. A lot of time you do not need CH.
    At Nikon USA you can find technical solutions for both the D5 and D500. These are very well done and helpful especially for setting custom settings. That info should have been in the manual.
  8. All of the pictures have had no sharpening applied. Sharpness, contrast and brightness in Picture Controls in camera set at 0 per the Adjustments panel in Nikon View NX-i. Nothing was done to the RAW or JPEGS except to create a snall jpeg at 700 pixels along the longest side.
  9. Nice shots Joe! Were any of the shots cropped or were they as shot out of the camera?
  10. Nice shots Joe. Especially liked the woody. I'm still sitting on the D7200-D500 fence.
    Barry, I thought you'll show us some D500 samples. :>)
  11. Look at sharpness and feather detail​
    you resize 20 MP pics to 1 MP, every picture from any cam look sharp in this case.
    Better you crop the area where focus is.^^
  12. Les, I have been going back and forth between photography and other things for the past week but I do have a couple of shots using the D500 with both the 200-500mm lens and the 600mm lens for comparison. This shot is with the 200-500mm lens.
  13. And here is a shot using the 600mm lens.
  14. I am posting some additional images of Great Egrets taken Thursday at Smith Oaks Rookery east of Houston, TX.

    For both images, I believe Custom Setting a3 was set to Quick and Erratic.
    First image: The first was taken with my D500 and my Nikon 500mm f4.0 E VR lens. VR was set to ON on the lens. The shooting data says that the metering method was Center Weighted. (I thought Matrix metering had been set.) I used a tripod with a Wimberley II head.
    AF-C was set and Dynamic area 25 used. Shutter speed was 1/3200; ISO 200; Aperture f6.3; EV=0. During processing I added EX Comp +.3.

    The jpeg for the first image attached has been sharpened but not cropped. What you see is what was in the viewfinder.

    No AF fine tuning was set on the camera.
    The second was with my D500, 300mm f2.8 VR, hand held. VR set to ON. AF-C, D 25, 1/1250, f6.3. EV -1.0, ISO 200, Center weighted metering. This image was cropped about 35-40% .
    Joe Smith

    Joe -
  15. Here is the second image:
  16. I once said that my D300s bodies were going to be last cameras I would need, I take that back. Now if I could only afford two D500 bodies I'd be set. Maybe I should use GoFundMe.

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