Nikon 18-105mm f/3,5-5,6G DX VR vs Nikon 18-55mm f/3,5-5,6 G AF-P DX VR

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  1. I order Nikon D3300 with 18-55mm AF-P lens, but they mistakenly sent me Nikon D3300 with 18-105mm AF-S lens. I wonder which one is better (sharper) lens? Lets say, I dont care about focal length. Would it be worth it to return the lens and exchange it for the 18-55mm?
  2. If I would have gotten what you did, I would not have sent it back.

    If you will use the movie functions the AF-P lenses are better because of their af. For everything else, I would prefer the 18-105 you got.
  3. I've been told the 18-55 is sharper. However, I traded my 18-55 to my daughter for the 18-105. It is not the sharpest lens in my bag, but it is absolutely the most flexible and convenient, and is my primary walking-around lens. I find it's focal length range to be effective and useful, particularly on a DX camera like my D7100 or your D3300. It is also reasonably lightweight and not excessively bulky (though larger than the 18-55 for sure). If it is your only lens, then I would keep it.
  4. What I dont like about the 18-105 lens is that the focus ring is active even in "auto" mode and I am afraid that I could accidentally defocus the image by my hand on the lens. Is there a way how to turn off the focus ring in auto mode?
  5. No. Not to my knowledge. The point is that this lens allows you to grab the focus ring any time and override the autofocus, should you feel the need. The focus ring is sufficiently narrow and placed such that I don't find I move it unintentionally, particularly if my fingers are positioned to manipulate the large zoom ring.
  6. Another consideration: I've switched both my D5100 and D7100 bodies to use Back Button Focus. It takes some getting used to, but I really like how it works. There is a useful discussion of this approach <HERE> for the D3300.
  7. I don't know about sharpness, but I am with heim and David, keep the 18-105.
    I have the 18-140 and really like the flexibility of the longer zoom over the 18-55. I don't have to carry 3 lenses like I used to do in the film days.
    To me, the 18-55 is just a bit short on the long end, to use as a general purpose lens.
    The 18-70 is a better GP range.

    If weight and size is a MAJOR issue, then every little bit makes a difference.
    Only then would I go for the 18-55.

    I have never accidentally defocused either my 18-70 or 18-140 lens. I just keep my fingers on the ZOOM ring and away from the focus ring. If you hold the camera + lens right, you don't have to worry about accidentally turning the focus ring.
  8. The important consideration made above is video work; the AF-P lenses are better for videowork, otherwise the 18-105VR is a really nice lens. Sharpness-wise, if there is a difference, it'll be minor, but the additional focal length is mighty useful, and the frankly I find the 18-105 nicer handling - the focus ring is in an useful, usable place and the instant override is a benefit more often than a risk (AF can miss it, and with the instant override the 18-105 has you can at least take control immediately).
  9. I think You were lucky. There are number of small differences between these two lenses and for still photography most favor 18-105mm.
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    Lucky indeed, keep the -105
    mine is super sharp

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