Nikkor 1960s lens service manual sought

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by NK Guy, Nov 11, 2021.

  1. Super-duper long shot... but would anyone have a copy of the Nikkor 8mm f/8 fisheye lens service manual? Or has anyone been a repair tech in a previous age, and has worked on one? Thank you!

    - nkg
  2. Not sure if this is what you want. It seems you need to page past the Japanese version to see English. Good luck.

    PS Oops, it's for f/2.8. Try Googling, you may be able to find it. Or write to Nikon - long shot but who knows. Good luck.
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  3. 8mm f/8?
    That's basically a door-viewer.
    Does it even have a focus ring?
  4. Nope. Fixed!

    And I think you need to lock-up the mirror, thus the separate eyepiece VF!

    Made a circle 24mm diameter at the film plane.
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  5. A long shot, but you might try Dave McRae at Vermont Camera Works. He's done Nikon lenses for a long time and has some resources. I don't know how far back that goes, but he might at least have a lead.
  6. Fixed focus, is it fixed aperture, too?

    Otherwise, there aren't many things to fix!

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