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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by gregliang, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. it is first time for me to launch a flash website.
    at least one friend told me the flash display stops in the middle, which I did not experience.
    i do not like the fact that the image size is small where a large blank header space exists, but the hosting company refuses to do anything.
    pls take a look, any comments are highly appreciated.
  3. How many Browsers and OS's have YOU tested it on?
  4. thanks Jim. i have only IE, which is why i'd like others to test for me.
  5. Greg:

    You have licenses to use those songs on your site?

    You should also download a bunch of other browsers so you can test it for yourself.

    I had a look using Firefox on a PC and it looks ok. Not the fastest loading site, and the music kills it for me. Can't get the galleries to load at all. So some more work to make it user friendly would probably not be a bad idea.
  6. What Mikael said. Between my computer, my laptop, the office computer, my girlfriend's computer and my old computer in the basement I tested six different versions of windows and probably 24 different browsers before I went external and starting asking friends and acquaintances to help on their machines. Also, since IE is not the standard and is in fact probably one of the least complaint it's always the last one that I test.
  7. A good source for usage statistics and trends:
  8. The site works well on Firefox 3.6.10. I like the layout, but don't much like the auto slide show feature.
    If you don't own the rights to use that music, please remove it because unlicensed use constitutes theft.
    Please provide some clue beyond the area code in your phone number as to where you are located. Brides generally aren't interested in out-of-the-area photographers for wedding work, but with no location, they can't choose you.
  9. Thank you very much, Jim, Michael, and Charles! i have shut down the music. Hope it will get loading faster.
    I do appreciate the site's option to play music, but I really need to find out about licensing. Any guidance is welcome.
    I have made gallery slides clickable and requires clicking to play. Great idea, Charles.
    So far, it has been run in FF, IE on Mac and Vista. if anyone runs on different environment, pls kindly let me know the performance.

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