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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by yefei_he|1, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. By popular demand and as widely expected, Fuji has announced the wide angle version of the GF670 folding camera:
  2. Doesn't look like a folder....................
  3. My mistake. You are right. That actually adds a little more appeal to me as I already own the GF670 folder. Carrying two folders that look similar will appear a little silly.
  4. Huh, I thought it was a folder too, based on the fact it is just like the longer lens version of Fuji/Voigtlander. But you're right Terry. I had to take another look. Maybe they couldn't make that long of lens fold with a bellows.
  5. It's the other way around; it's not worth making a bellows setup for a lens that is quite short already. I guess a collapsible lens mechanism would have been more doable, but they probably skipped that in the interest of keeping the cost down.
  6. Nice! Btw, how do you like your GF670 folder, Yefei He ?
  7. Hi, Richard,
    I haven't used my GF670 much, having got a grand total of two rolls of film developed, in 6x7 format. The 6x6/6x7 switch is a very nice touch. The image quality from the rolls I have is excellent. Although I can't comment on the Bokeh because they were all landscape shots with large DOFs. The viewfinder is very good. It may just be a bit limiting in that when the lens is wide open (f3.5), the top shutter speed is limited to 1/250s instead of 1/500s. It's hard to believe such a limit exists on a camera as modern as this. The camera is by no means compact, I have to say. Even when folded, it's pretty thick. A Super Ikonta 6x9 folder is much more pocketable. Of course it's still quite a lot smaller than a Mamiya 7 with lens mounted, not to mention a Fuji GW690. Looking forward to the GF670W, but carrying both the GF670 and the GF670W will be cumbersome. Beats carrying both a GW690 and a GSW690, of course. But a Mamiya 7 with a 80mm lens and a 55mm lens will be something to consider. Can't get 6x6 shots with the Mamiya, of course.
  8. I am building a 6x9 camera with a 47mm 65mm and 105mm interchangeable lens. Will use a fotoman viewfinder.

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