New digital Leica M3 2.1

Discussion in 'Minox' started by mtc photography, May 2, 2003.

  1. New 2.1 Meg digital camera from Minox:
    Leica M3 2.1
  2. I am seriously considering a digital camera, mostly for grins and occasional snapshots. Does this really work? Quality comparison to a Nikon Coolpix 2100 or any similar digicam? Martin, Have you tried this yet? Opinions?
  3. Jeff,

    People who used the 1.3 Meg digital Leica M3 says it worked, I believe this 2.1 Meg version will be better<p>
    If Minox can put a 2.1 meg chip inside digital Leica M3, they
    alreay have the technology to put a 2.1 meg chip inside a Minox camera
    such as Minox EC style case, and that is what I am waiting for.
    <p> A TLX style 4 meg digital camera will be even better
  4. I think you are right on! A TLX framed 3 or 4 Mpixel with a cute USB/Firewire port would be outstanding!
  5. The newer Leica M3 2.1 M digital now has a 3.O red dot on the front
    of camera instead of the 2.1 red dot seen in the picture above.<p>
    Optical resolution still remains at 2.1M, software enhancement boosts
    it to 3.0M.<p>
    The lens is also different from 1.3MP version<p>
    M3 1.3 MP digital has a 10.3mm f 3.0 digital lens.<p>
    M3 2.1 MP digital has a 9.6mm f 2.8 digital lens.<p>
  6. The Leica M3 2.1M comes in a very nicely made dovetailed wood box with brass hinged and clap. The type of box you get only when buying
    very expensive Minox camera models such as gold Minox, platinum Minox... <p> The metal camera it is a close replica
    of orginal Leica M3, with movable film advance lever, even the rewind
    knob can turn. Very pretty<p>
    Once installed the software from the accompanied CD, downloanding
    image to computer is quite easy: as soon a USB cable connects the
    DDC with computer through an included USB cable, picture files are
    automatical retrieable from a fold DCIM, you can copy this folder
    to a newer position.<p>
    Quality of M3 2.1 is quite good
  7. Unionville Main Street
  8. Actually these pics are much much better than I thought. Thanks Martin.

    I would have thought that you would get some flare for the last pictures.

    What about photos take on ordinary, non-sunny days?
  9. Johnson, the results from Leica M3 2.1 exceed my expectation, it is
    far better than what I can get out of Minox EC + Minocolor, and also
    more economical. One roll of Minocolor 36 exp cost about US$12, or
    C$18. One CR2 battery cost about C$15, which means if I can get
    just one "roll" of 40 exp from M3 2.1 I am even, the rest is saving;
    so far I have taken about 120 exp or four 'rolls'.<p>
    The M3 2.1 is so very cute, it body is metal ( aluminium ) not plastic like most P&S digitals cameras<p>
    Minox GmbH's Classic camera endevour has being a great success, some
    of the models such as Minox Hasselblad SWC sold so well that very few
    dealer has any stock left. <p>
    The Leica M3 2.1 camera sells well too, Minoxlab even raised its price from $249 to $299.<p> What about M3 1.3M ? Usually when
    a new model comes out, older model price drop, not M3 1.3M, it
    is more expensive than M3 2.1, because few of it left.
  10. The eveready case shown above from site IS THE WRONG CASE for DDC M3 2.1 !!!!
    The right DDC M3 case is supplied by Gerald McMullon : [​IMG]
  11. If only they come up with one for the Rolleiflex - the bottom lens can be the taking lens while the top one is for flash!. Even SWC.
  12. With the success of M3 digital, I guess is that IIIf, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex 2.8 digital models may be coming soon...
  13. dcc_m3_case_1.jpg photograph by Gerald McMullon
  14. M3 digital case back view, there is a cut out at the back for easy access to LCD display and control button Picture supplied by Gerald McMullon
  15. [​IMG] DCC M3 with lens cap
    Gerald McMullon photograph
  16. M3 2.1 with close up lens: (Zeiss Ikon proxar f = 0.3 M )
    Leitz reloadable cassettes
  17. DCC Leica M3 2.1 + Zeiss Ikon 0.3M proxar
  18. Do they, or are they planning on making an M3 with a built in flash?? How do pics of people turn out?

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