Neopan 100 SS in Diafine

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by benjamin_shapiro|2, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Have any of you tried processing Neopan SS in Diafine? What speed do
    you recommend shooting the film at?

  2. 160 or 200. Diafine doesn't offer too much of a speed boost to it.
  3. Determining the appropriate EI when developing with Diafine is a snap. Just bracket in full stops around the nominal speed. Since N+/- development doesn't apply to Diafine all you have to do is pick out the frames that suit your needs or have the maximum shadow detail, whichever is most important.

    If absolutely no data at all exists for a particular film in Diafine I'd bracket one stop below; at nominal speed; and two or three stops above nominal speed. This even works pretty well with unidentifiable film - I have a roll of mystery film, presumed to be ISO 50, that I shot that way. Turned out to work fine right at EI 50 in Diafine.

    With other developers I'd have been running up to half a dozen clip tests. Using this method I've been able to decide on my preferred EI for every film I develop in Diafine within two rolls at most.
  4. I rate it @200 in diafine. I LOVE the look.

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