Need to FIX a Kodak Carousel 850 and a 750 Slide Projectors

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  1. I have a Kodak Carousel 850 Slide Projector and also a 750. Both have the same problem, the tray does not advance from one slide to the next (Tray does not turn). Also one of the units is missing one of the two concave heavy glasses inside the unit.
    I have the feeling that it's due do a common problem like a broken belt or broken solenoid.
    Maybe something I can fix myself... Would you know?
    If not, where can I get it fixed as close as possible to Huntington Beach, CA 92647 ?
    And about how much for parts and labor would I have to pay ?
    I tried to find a more proper Forum like "Slide Projectors" but could not see...
  2. AT I have downloaded a service manual for these things (Kodak Carousal) for the 850 series.
    After looking at this and similar sources on repair, I simply abandoned the project and picked up a nice old manual, batch-load slide projector at a local yard sale. $5, I think it was. I still have my original Kodak 500 manual projector too. Both work, but the replacement bulbs are getting pricey.
    There are still a number of educational institutions who have posted trouble-shooting manuals for projectors, etc. ( link )
    Here's a Kodak trouble shooter list (probably from Kodak):
  3. Some troubleshooting questions:
    Does the motor run when the power is turned on?
    Does the mechanism activate when the button on the projector is pressed>
    If the motor runs but there is no click when the button is pressed, the solenoid is shot. If the motor runs and the mechanism activates but doesn't advance the tray, then the slide advance mechanism is shot and must be replaced. With the price of Carousel slide projectors on CL and eBay, you're better off just buying another because there are no repair parts available.
    The "concave heavy glasses" are actually convex lenses and are not available except from another projector.
    If you just want a slide projector for occasional use, I suggest just buying another on CL or eBay because that's going to be cheaper than to repair. With shipping, my minimum charge would exceed $100 per projector.

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