Need some feedback on my brand new website pls

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by thili_wikramanayake, Mar 18, 2014.

  2. This is mostly a portfolio of my work, it consists a lot of documentary type photography. I would appreciate some feedback from you guys regarding the content and layout

    tnx a bunch :)))
  3. Hi Thili,
    I only stumbled on this forum because I had a problem with my New SmugMug site but I looked at your site - and thought I'd say a few words. I've been a lecturer in University Art schools for most of my life.
    I was left wondering what your purpose was to have a web site - I sense that you believe in your work a lot - you take some good photos but I was left wondering more than I thought I should - if it was me I'd be asking if myself what I was really trying to achieve and lets say I settled on the idea that I really wanted people to see that I was able to take really good pics of a variety of subjects - this would make me think of reducing the number to something that the average viewer could take in, I'd also choose my pictures really carefully and aim to make people feel like clicking on the next one, almost design it to sucker people in to getting a real buzs from each pic. So I'd be editing like crazy.
    Another little point I see you are a young person - it made me wonder if you'd made your site just feel a little too old - a bit of youthful vigor could help - I reckon.
    Sorry - but there's one more thing to think about, the Wiklen Studio logo looks pretty cool but you should be asking yourself what the arrow around the S could actually be communicating - I suspect that lots of people will see a devil's tail - which could be a bit unfortunate if you didn't want it read that way.
    All the best - Clive
  4. Hi Thili,
    Overall, it looks nice. However, here are a few suggestions:
    • Make the area on the left side with your logo a bit smaller so that the main content (portfolio, etc.) has more room. You don't want the logo to be pulling away too much attention from the actual content.
    • Make all text a bit brighter, especially the text on the About, Services and Contact pages. Making the navigation menu a bit brighter would help too. This would make it easier for people to read and to find what they're looking for.
    • Change the font on the Services and Contact pages to match the one used on the About page. Apart from giving a consistent look/style to all pages, courier and monospaced fonts are horrible to read.
    • Finally, assuming that you want people to hire you, it might be worth briefly mentioning your services on the home page (below the logo maybe), along with an extra link to your services page. People won't automatically think "I should hire this guy" just because they see great photos in your portfolio, so it pays to nudge them in the right direction.
    I wish you all the best.
  5. Hi. For my taste, the font is a bit too small on some occasions (portfolio overview for instance).
    I quite like the monotype font at the services page as it creates a tone that sets the content apart from the rest of the site. Personally, I do not like the logo that much and I would definitely drop the thumbnail slides at the bottom of the home page (spoil alert).
    I like the fact that you have textual content beyond the bare minimum that we see on most photography sites. It heightens your visibility and findability in search machines.
    Well done :).
    Perhaps consider Using "I" and "me" instead of the third person? Being personal creates trust and allows visitors to connect, which tends to pay off.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Mussies

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