Need advice from Mamiya 6 owners about film advance problem

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  1. Hello,
    I searched this forum in advance to avoid redundant questions, and saw similar but not exact issues. Forgive me if I missed something.
    I just received a Mamiya 6 today, that I purchased online at B&H. I verified its operation - with a 75mm lens mounted, the shutter fired properly and the meter seemed accurate in both auto and manual modes. Everything seemed to work as the manual said it would.
    Until I loaded film, that is.
    After loading the film leader and advancing until the alignment arrows are centered, I closed the camera back and advanced the film to the first frame on the counter, where of course it stops. At this point, the camera allows me to make the first exposure.
    After the shutter fires and the first exposure is made, the film advance lever will go no further. No matter what I do, I cannot advance the film.
    As a last resort, I used a ballpoint pen and pressed the recessed film advance release button, which then allows the film advance lever to operate normally.
    My question is: Has anyone experienced this? Is this a defect in this unit, or am I doing something wrong?
    B&H told me they checked it and it was 100% operational prior to shipping, but I suspect that they only did a check of the shutter and other basics. I doubt that they would have detected this problem, as film has to be loaded for the symptom to appear.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I once considered getting an M7 just to use the 43 Biogon copy for close focusing because I loved the Hassy SWC I had at the time. But, because the M6 is notorious for fragile film winding mechanical problems, the plastically feel when I tried it in a local shop, and the non-collapsible lens mount, I passed. Did the same problem occur with the M7? I don't know.
  3. I don't have any experience with the M7; I chose the M6 because of the square format, the superb ratings of its three lenses, and because the small size (the lens mount is collapsible; it's literally smaller than my Nikon F4S with a 50mm lens mounted.)
  4. The first thing I would check is the upper right corner of the viewfinder. Make sure the power
    is on and check the viewfinder as you press the shutter button, if you get a red light then it
    could be one or more of the following. <br>the shutter is not cocked<br> the light shield
    curtain is closed <br> the lens mount is retracted <br> the film is not loaded.<br> If you
    don't get the red light then double check that the power is on, turned to the white dot. The
    shutter will not work without power. If none of this works then it sounds like the infamous
    Mamiya 6 winding problem.<br> I have used mine almost daily for over three years without
    a problem, knock on wood.
  5. I just found a previous post (from this year, believe it or not) which describes my problem. Since Jay's symptoms occurred on a Mamiya 7, and I have a Mamiya 6, it's not exactly the same, but I'd bet my lunch that the problem shares a similar origin. See below.

    Sounds like I'm going to be sending back my M6 and returning to the "hunt" to find a better one. Thanks Stephen and William for your replies!



    Jay Chadney, Feb 26, 2007; 04:31 p.m.

    I am not sure about having a lens on it or not, but my mamiya 7 had a problem that was only evident after a frame was taken with film in the body. The shutter and advance was working perfectly for many "shots" without film. But once I loaded film and took my forst shot, the film would not advance - the lever was stuck - wouldn't budge. The problem was with the release magnet. And the only way to tell if you need a new one is to load up some film.
  6. Have a look at this thread initiated by me some time ago:

    In this case, I have not had the body repaired, but continue to use my best body. At some stage the disabled one will be repaired or cannibalised. It is usable, though, because the interlock can be encouraged by releasing the retrievable lens mount momentarily.

    I am not saying that your problem is the same as mine, but it could be similar.

    In your case, get on the phone to B&H. They are good people to do business with in my experience. And they are unlikely to have run a film through it.
  7. I have booth the M6 and the M7II. The M6 is the best camera I've ever owned, followed by the M7II. But in this case I suggest returning your camera to B&H ASAP.
  8. Sorry I can't help you.
    Only one thing, I have had the same problem two weeks ago, with Mamiya 6 MF, after the
    first shot the lever is locked, I took it for repair (I bought it five weeks ago of second hand)
    The seller said me ok, in one week the camera will be repaired, I said to him, what I do not
    want is have always the same problem, he made a gesture like saying, it will return to you
    to happen, then I saw in the showcase a second hand Mamiya 7 II and changed the
    mamiya 6MF for this one. I hate to have problems with the equipment.

    This is my story.


    Sorry for my bad English.

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