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  1. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Red-winged blackbirds

  2. Red Wing Blackbird in Dallas, Texas 20120115-WRL 6.jpg
  3. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Why did I choose that red-winged image? Bill immediately posts one that is better than mine. :cool:
  4. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Not necessarily better, just a different approach. Mona Lisa from an alternative viewpoint, if you like.
  5. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a.....moth. The wingspan is about 15cm and retract into the typical moth delta shape. But, when I touched it, the wings spread wide and the body puffed up to reveal the yellow stripes. I wonder if the yellow stripes are to imitate a wasp. If so, it would be a frighteningly big one. Insects and spiders down here in Uruguay are quite interesting. Fuzzy Wuzzy.jpg
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  6. How about a female red winged blackbird. Female Red Winged Blackbird 3 s.jpg
  7. wasp nest.jpg

    After knocking down an unoccupied wasp nest in my garage, I was struck how beautiful it was. It reminds me of some Native American pottery. Perhaps some of these potters were inspired by wasp nests?
  8. I've never seen one with that many different colors. Ours (in central New York state) are just a light grey. Nests like these house hornets where I come from. Wasps have small honeycombed type of nests here. Indeed, the colored one in your photograph does remind me of some pottery (and woven basket) patterns.
  9. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Dieter, is that Piedras Blancas? I haven't been there in a few years, and I was always there around Christmas time. It looks like that colony may have grown quite a bit. I have never seen so many California elephant seals there.
  10. Yes, it is. There's actually three stretches of beach that are directly accessible from the main parking lot. A few years ago, the boardwalk was extended both along the northern and southernmost beaches; the central one is small and only partially visible from the parking lot (usually not much happening there anyway). The image above is the southernmost one - by far the largest; there were some seals on beaches farther south - not nearly as accessible even though there is a hiking trail.
  11. Amana-territorial-redwing.jpg
  12. Boy, as a lurker, I'm really disappointed in the 'nature unlimited' threads. Most of the images would easily qualify for the regular nature thread (and that includes all of the previous threads, not just this one). C'mon people, post some stuff that fits the intent of 'unlimited.'
  13. RWB-F_.jpg
    A female Red-winged Blackbird.
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