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Discussion in 'Nature' started by ShunCheung, Feb 1, 2018.

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  1. ShunCheung

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    This is the second alternative weekly image thread for the Nature Forum. Again, this is merely an experiment to see whether this idea works or not. Please keep in mind that this is the Nature Forum such that the primary theme should still be nature, but we will not strictly apply the "no signs of human activities" guidelines.

    Each member is still limited to just one image per weekly thread.

    And this is the discussion Laura started about what is appropriate for this alternative thread. No doubt that there are a lot of gray areas:
    Alternative weekly thread in Nature forum

    If it is still unclear, I would point out that any image that meets the stricter Monday in Nature guidelines would also be appropriate for this weekly thread.
    Monday in Nature Guildelines

    Hopefully we can have some fun. ;)

    My image is an orange-legged honeycreeper, captured on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. While this is a wild bird, I was in a farm where they used food to attract the birds for tourists and photographers.

  2. Brown Pelican at North Padre Island, Texas. Other Nature 2-2-2018.jpg
  3. A little over 9 years ago - never seen that many pelicans in one place before or since.
  4. I was on the other side of Costa Rica from Shun, where one of the places we visited was a bat sanctuary. Bats like it rather dark, so no flash, but here is a cute little bat eating a piece of banana.
    little bat.jpg
  5. Cliff swallow young about to be fed
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  6. Man's hand, but not Man's Best Friend
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  7. _MG_8676-copy.jpg

    Barred owl on my deck railing.
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  8. Birds on a wire. _A0A7649.jpg
  9. Mother moose and young waiting to use the facilities in the morning at the Gros Ventre campground near Grand Tetons National Park
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