My New Beauty Needs a Good Strap & Case (Rolleiflex)

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  1. I participated in my camera collector club's barn sale, full of eye candy in there. Everything from $1 bargains to wartime cameras to brass lenses. I noticed a newer Rollei case in one of the preview pictures and knew I wanted it if it was in good shape, as the newest one I had even seen or held is my K4B Automat. Going into the battlefield, I made the beeline to the shelves, scanning for that case. Fortunately it hadn't caught anybody's eye and my hands were the first on it. Opening up the cover, I first read '3.5 F'....then I took the front cover off to reveal this beauty.




    3.5 F, Planar lens. Came with a barely used never-ready case, strap, focus knob cover, cap, and an accessory kit case with two filters, light yellow and red. All original Rollei stuff. A little sticker from Oceanside Camera Repair says this camera has been serviced by Harry Fleenor at one point in time, and my does it act like it. Works flawlessly, everything is smooth and effortless, optics are crystal. The light meter even works! Not bad for $300, eh? I cannot believe it, I'm so in love right now.

    I am concerned about using the original strap. It's in okay shape, still pliable, but has small cracking on the underside and it just isn't too comfortable on my neck with that heavy camera on it. I'll see about finding some used lugs to make a new strap, any recommendations on what is comfortable?

    And I'm also looking for a half case to fit the Rollei to protect against fingers and minor bumps. Yes yes, they are tough cameras. But I can't see beating this camera up, I want to keep it as nice as possible if I can. No full case, it will have a spot in my camera bag if it comes along. Not a lot of newer versions besides Luigi (waaay too rich for me) and I've also seen Mr. Zhou cases, which seem to be similar yet much cheaper. Anybody use one and was happy with it? Or perhaps another alternative?

    Tomorrow is a car show featuring vintage race cars, the perfect subjects. A roll or two of Kodak TX-400 and I cannot wait to bring her back to use. :)
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  2. I never trust these old leather straps, the last thing I want to see is my 3.5F crashing down onto the concrete. Some time ago I bought a new Fotodiox fabric scissors strap for it, they aren't cheap but what price peace of mind?

    It would be nice to see your results from it.
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  3. Great find, Katie! And at a great price. Definitely go for the half-case, with a good sturdy neck strap attached to the camera, something from the Op-Tech range, perhaps. The full case never was a great idea as the leather "hinge" wore out fairly quickly and the whole thing was unwieldy at the best of times, anyway. The Mr.Zhou cases have a front/top that can be removed; that always struck me as being a great idea.

    Mr. ZHOU Brown Leather Full Protective Case for Rolleiflex 2.8F 3.5F TLR Cameras | eBay

    I must admit that I keep mine in it's case but "undress" it when I want to use it, carrying it in a nice little padded case. Thanks for showing us and please post some images when you can.
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  4. The Japanese TLR cases usually have removable fronts attached by press studs at the base, a much better idea than the Rollei one piece hinged effort.
  5. And how!

    Old leather can look good, but be ready to fail all the same.
  6. I like that Fotodiox and it seems to pop up as a likable strap. Shoot , it's even available on Amazon. I've also seen the adapter straps from scissor to a more "modern" type of strap :

    2 Pcs Rolleiflex 2.8F 3.5F Rolleicord T lugs aligator strap sclips Brand New | eBay

    I like that I can get a strap like my Nikon D7200, which is comfortable to wear. Maybe I'll try both!

    I can't find anybody who has specifically used Zhou's case, but he seems to make a lot of other cases on his store and had lots of good reviews. Maybe I'll put out the idea as a birthday gift from the boyfriend lol.

    I took out the Rollei yesterday (in the original case, hands on it at all times) and unfortunately when we arrived most of the cars were gone. I was able to shoot a roll of who was left. I also woke up to find a rare sunny, misty morning in the PNW. Went around the house and outside and shot an experimental roll, playing with different shapes, apparatures, and textures. I'll update when I get the scans. :)
  7. Please do post the results... I use the strap that came with it.. Looks pretty much like the one you have. While it's not trust inspiring, it is not rotten and I am almost always holding it while I walk because I don't like the weight bouncing around on my ...well belly/chest. While a modern strap/case might bring peace of mind, I think you will find you are clutching it anyway only periodically letting it hang. While mine came with a brown leather neck strap, I bought a black case, much like the one you have I just remove the outer half when shooting BTW I use Effax Leder Balsam. It does rejuvenate dried leather.
  8. Congrats on a great find katie. I also recommend an Op Tech style strap. The thin leads fit into the thin slot style lugs. (at least on my old yashicamat) Despite liking longer straps on on 35mm cameras I like to keep the strap short on TLR's keeping the screen within eye viewing distance. I also find keeping tension on the shorter strap offers a bit of image stabilization as well. Have fun with it.

  9. Mjferron, the 3.5F doesn't have the normal strap slots like the Yashicamat etc. Like some other Rollei's it uses what's called a scissor strap, which has fittings on the end like small pairs of scissors. They go into the camera slots and grip a metal pin inside the slot - which pin prevents plain straps from being used.
  10. I stand corrected thanks, :)
  11. John Seaman said:
    Despite that, I think the scissor clips in the link above would accept the ends of the Op-Tech style strap through the rectangular eylets.

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