My EOS R and.L Lens Stay home social distance

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  1. I use HUAWEI P30pro everyday photo so easy and great result.

  2. Nice collection of Canon gear. So are you just saying with all that great gear, you would rather use your Huawei phone for every day photos because all that gear is just too much work and you are happy with cellphone photos.

    Maybe a good quality dedicated mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses capable of professional grade photography just isn't for you. It's a choice. I have family members who love their iPhone.

    For me, the phone camera will never take the place of my Canon gear. But I will acknowledge, a phone camera is better than no camera and there are times I use my phone camera,, like to get the bar code and price of loose screws at the hardware store to make it easier at the checkout counter. The phone camera for me is a tool and occassionally comes in handy.

    Some folks love'em I suppose. Happy shooting with your phone and thanks for stopping by the Canon forum.
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  3. The cell phone has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. One is that it is very convenient. How many times has as scene popped up and you said to yourself "dabbit I wish I had my Canon DSLR !". No need to worry about that if you have your cell phone with you. Its easy to carry, sometimes easier than a point and shoot. One thing about having expensive equipment is that it screams EXPENSIVE ! After spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on some photographic equipment you sort of think twice about taking it out, not so with a cell phone.

    The cell phone makes it easy to share your photos with friends, associates or family. As we have seen, some controversial photos can also be shared with the public. The cell phone is less intimidating. You wont raise the eyebrows of Security with a cell phone. Try that with a Huge 70-200mm lens !

    Not to take anything from the cell phone because they do take great pictures, but when it comes to serious photography, you can't go wrong with a DSLR. There is more control. You can change the shutter speed and aperture and safely zoom in on certain subjects. Downloading images from your cell phone can be also be a huge PITA. How many prints from cell phones have we seen at a museum ?

    No matter how good the sensors, they are just too small. Although I got to admit that some cell phone technology needs to be incorporated in their bigger cousins. Cell phones are the New point-and-shoot and the great thing about it is you don't have to send the film out for development. Who wants to do that these days ?
  4. Ken Rock is not everybody's favorite but this is an interesting comparison of shots from a Leica Q2, a Fuji X100F, a Canon 90D DSLR and an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    LEICA vs iPhone vs Fuji vs Canon
  5. Thank you all comment, I use my EOS R for my YouTube
    That about Dhamma and that place little light that make to use85f1.2L. I take Dhamma from2004 until Now. For free but my mind will improve to see Nervana.The picture is my hair like magnatic after meditation and see Nervana 4 time.

  6. Be happy, well, peaceful and free.

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