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  1. More discontinuation notices from Fuji.
  2. The JP site still list Provia 400X, Superia or FujiColor 100, NS160. Some others say that in JP stores a sign says buy now discontinued but not on the JP's FF website.
    Well if the USA stores does not provide in whatever ways - 400X and NS160 that's says something.
    Going by the vague info. It seems on the JP site, Presto Neopan 400 is gone so that leaves just Acros 100. Going by USA channels that leaves Pro400H for neg film and slides Velvia 50 and 100 non F and Provia 100F. If I was a betting man I would say that Acros 100 days are numbered and they may get it down to one Velvia.
    I also think that FujiColor 100 is maybe dated and they may get color neg (consumer) down to 2 or 3 max. JP still list 100, 400, 800, 1600. I think that 400H Pro days may be over "eventually" it's just when.
    Well Kodak has excited E6. Fuji may exit C41 and B/W IMO.
  3. Acros is very popular and I see it as one of the last to go in the Fuji line. If I had to guess I'd say Velvia and Acros will be the last two standing. Hope not, but you never know. JW
  4. Supposition aside, all you can do is read the Japan site. Given the realities of demand for film materials, further consolidation of the Fuji product line seems inevitable.
  5. When should one lay in a lifetime supply of Velvia 50 and Provia 100F? I know my shooting rate and years to go, so I just need to know when to lay aside enough to keep me happy before discontinuation. Thoughts?
  6. Brad, you can wait until there's an official discontinuation notice for your emulsion(s) of choice, stock up then and have "fresher" stocks, or stock up now and have probably cheaper prices. If your supplies are going to be kept in the freezer, I'm not sure the notion of "fresher" stocks has much relevance. I've stocked up a little, and can always add to that.
    I've also pondered whether stocking up is actually counter-productive. Say for example every film user stocked up five years' worth of film. For the next five years, film manufacturers would sell nothing, and discontinue everything.
  7. Get them when discontinued so the stock are fresher with later expiry dates. I gather freezed would get at least 10yrs out of them not sure if I would go any further thou ... I stocked up some E100G last.
    I had a thought about it - maybe Fuji color film would be gone for sheet size leaving just Velvia 50 and Provia 100 in rolls - gone maybe Velvia 100. Superia 200 and 1600 gone leaving 400 and 800. They don't have a Pro 200 C41 anyway. But it is a big ask to leave one b/w (Acros) and one Pro C41. My guess would be that C41 will be consumer only and for disposable cameras (400 and 800) and Velvia 50 and Provia 100 for roll formats.
  8. This official news confirms what I was thinking about their line of films, after I read the Fujifilm leaflet I found 2 months ago in Tokyo (I wrote about it there). The leaflet was from April 2013. The films that didn't get a new packaging will be the first to go, I thought. That is the case with Presto 400, Pro 400, Pro 160NS, Velvia 100F and Provia 400X.
    For their other pro films, be confident they will last more.
  9. Pro 400H is my main I hope I can get it for many years. If not, a few thousand rolls in the freezer will keep me
  10. Fuji 400H? nastiest grainiest lowest quality film I've ever had the misfortune to use.
    To each his own though.
  11. John, Pro400H has fine grain when exposed properly. If you find it grainy, your exposure and processing is way off.

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