Monochrome Monday, April 2, 2017

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  1. Cypress Inn Carmel 17a_Cypress Inn_1.jpg
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  2. Coffee Carmel 17a_Carmel Plaza_3.jpg
  3. water flow and ice 2 s.jpg Scanned from 4x5 negative, Linhof Kardan Standard, Tmax-400
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  4. I haven't got a wooden heart I've got a wooden head.
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  5. [​IMG]
    then I woke up​
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  6. Bourbon and Dumaine, New Orleans -Bourbon and Dumaine.jpg 1994; scanned 120 film.
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  7. i-xVpNzKv-L.jpg
    Nikon F2, Ilford XP2 Super film
  8. Is it just me? Or is it actually physically impossible to walk by a sand dune without making a photo?
  9. david_henderson


    WCI 373-711 The White Step, Paris.jpg

    Thw White Step, Bastille, Paris. Bronica 6x6 Tri_X
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  10. DSC_5616x1000.JPG
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