Monday Singles (for the real) 4/20/20

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  1. Not sure how I got that date last week.

    Anyway something to do while we wait for Thursday. One single image from any film camera.

    Again this is from my Minolta XD and 45mm F2 lens. Film was UFX 100 developed in WD2D+Pyro. I still have work to do getting this combo down.
    UFX in Pyro copy.jpg
    Karin's Car.
  2. Djoser Step Pyramid
    Nikkormat, Kodachrome
  3. Saint Louis de Marie Galante
    Daïchi Zenobia Neo Hesper 3.5/75
  4. philatelic
    021CMC Filatelia-Coleccionistas-Serenar50.jpg 1949 Canon IIb (MIOJ) Canon Serenar 50. 400 T-Max at ISO 200. Microdol-X (straigt) 10' 30" at 20ºC
  5. upload_2020-4-20_10-10-16.jpeg
    Entrance to church at end of street (West Point) Minolta SRT 101 Tamron 70-210 HP5+
  6. mountaintop tree trunk
    hasselblad 500cm
    do not recall exactly what film I shot this on... sorry.

  7. Nikon one touch fp4 ixx621 - Copy (3).jpg
  8. Pentax 67 : 105mm SMC Takumar f/2.4: Kodak Portra 400

    Guess who's the family favourite...

    Guess whos the family favourite.jpg
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  10. KX, M 35/2.8, PanF+, Pyro HD Semistand.

    Untitled (4).jpg


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