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  1. Basic Guidelines: Nature based subject matter. Please, declare captive subjects. Keep your image at/under 700 pixels on the long axis for in-line viewing and try to keep file size under 300kb. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site at Flicker, Photobucket, your own site, etc. Feel free to link your image to a larger version.
    In the strictest sense, nature photography should not include hand of man elements. Please refrain from images with obvious buildings or large manmade structures like roads. A bird on the fence post or bug on your finger is fine. Try to minimize man made features, keep the focus on nature, and let common sense be your guide. Let's post 1 image per week. More details please check here.
    Good Morning,
    Let's just dive right in. I hope you've all had a great week. Fall color is coming on strong around here. What's going on in your end of nature?
  2. Microscopic fall color. Stomatal complex of Begonia at 4x. 3 images stacked.
  3. More webs....;-) Good morning everyone!
  4. Another from Wildwood Park in Harrisburg, using my Pentax K-5ii and Sigma 150-500 again.
  5. Day's end at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.
  6. Bugs busy collecting pollen from last remaining few wild flowers.
  7. Wet fall=lawn covered by these.
  8. Great image Rick, it almost looks like an abstract painting of roses. Was it taken with a microscope?
    I was out locking up the chickens for the night when I seen this guy in a tree. When I came back with my camera he was staring intently at something and paid me no attention. I imagine a lizard or some other form of dinner was in the grass. I'll never know as he flew away without grabbing whatever it was.
    Tropical Screech-Owl (Otus choliba)
  9. Over the past couple of years I am finding more of these four toed salamanders in my yard. I do not know if the population is increasing or if I've simply been more fortunate in finding them. Either way, they are always a treat to discover.
  10. kts


    last tuesday morning along maroon creek road in a light snowfall
  11. Gordon B - great salamander shot! Not fall colors, but this Mwanza Flat-headed Agama is very colorful. EOS 5D2 + 24-105 f4L at 105mm; 1/800s at f/8 ISO 400.
  12. Echinacea and dragonfly. Pentax ME Super and 200mm f4.0 SMC-M; Kodak "Gold"C-41 film @ EI 400 (expired).
  13. Gordon, lovely shot.
  14. A real mouthful!
  15. Last week I was playing with my macro lens and the scales on a butterfly wing, this week with the 600mm and something a little further away. This isnt perfect, was hand-held so a bit of fuzziness, but VR does wonders. Although there isnt much life there, I imagine geology and geographic features count as nature. Both Tycho and Copernicus are visible. This was shot in the daylight, so I cheated a bit in darkening the sky on the conversion to B&W, but it helped highlight teh contrasts of shadows to bring out the craters and topography better.
  16. Honkenya peploides, or life on the rocks.
  17. No shooting this week, so here's one from the not-so-recent past. What I really wanted was a shot of that javelina (wild boar) that ran through our backyard yesterday. By the time I got past the "oh crap" stage, it was gone before I could grab my camera. That's my third javelina encounter and I haven't been ready to shoot any of them. I think they're doing it on purpose... ;-)
  18. Waxing Gibbous Moon
  19. Gup

    Gup Gup

    A typical fall scene in the Ontario back country.
    Every autumn I pack a sleeping bag, some dog food and a canoe and Elwood and I go for a road-trip. This year wasn't exactly a bumper-crop for photographs but we got a few. Outside of landscapes I got two shots of a wolf walking down the highway with my Blackberry (I had the Blackberry).
    This one was with my new AF-S 85mm f/1.8 on a D800E.
  20. Still the odd Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) around when the sun shines:
  21. Wild bergamot from a few months ago.
  22. Gordon, what an amazing salamander portrait! Fall colors have come along nicely here in some parts of New England. But for some reason the nice maples outside my office building seem to be going from green straight to shedding this year, alas.
    Anyway, this is from August. I was stopping by my dad's place to take him out for lunch, noticed this hurt cicada on the sidewalk and got a few shots with the Fujifilm XF1 I had with me. As I was entering the building I heard someone exclaim, "Eww! What's that?" Followed by her companion confidently asserting, "That's the biggest fly I've ever seen."
  23. Shot this, this morning...I was outside testing one of my lenses and I saw him land on this branch across the I shot him! :)
    Nikon D7000, 400mm, ISO 320, 1/2000, f/6.3 - cropped image....
  24. Siegfried - Yep, image taken through a microscope.
  25. Great images this week! Posting late in the day means I get to see them all before posting my weekly shot. After a very rainy Saturday I went to the beach on Sunday morning, and this is one of the shots I got.
  26. Fabulous shots this week. Rick, you've got me wondering how on earth you take photos through a microscope, Gordon, love that salamander portrait too! Our garden continues to provide surprise and delight. I found this little guy on the leaf of one of our sunflower plants. It looked like a tiny black speck at first, I actually thought it might be an insect egg. It is about half the size of the ladybirds that have taken up residence there. When I got in closer, I realized it was some variety of ladybird too. Research revealed it is a Yellow Shouldered Ladybird. Due to its position, I couldn't get really close, but I did mange to get a decent shot at least.
  27. Sunset in Fox Harbour.
  28. Fall color on the Upper Rogue River in Southern Oregon. Knob Falls.
  29. Sunrise at Broad Cove, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. We had an amazing morning there - the entire Cabot Trail is an experience everyone should have.
  30. Gup

    Gup Gup

    Gordon, I've seen many salamanders but never one posing on a mushroom. That's a beautiful shot.
    Mr. Bortnick, I would definitely wear that print while doing my best Rodney Dangerfield impersonation!
    David, the Cabot Trail is one of my favourite destinations. I have still to experience it in the autumn, though.
    Great shots everyone. I really look forward to Mondays now.
  31. A fall scene I happened upon yesterday.
  32. [​IMG] Great shots from everyone. Mine was taken this past Friday in park Tremblant in Quebec - 2 hours drive North from where I live. After a delightful day of Fall photography and as I was exiting the park, I spotted this moss like plant on the side of the road. I have no idea what it is called but it can survive harsh winters with temperatures down to -30. It came in two colors - a hint of green and a hint of mauve. If anyone can identify this 'plant' it would be appreciated.
    Taken with a d300 with an 18-70mm nikkor using a manfrotto tripod. 46mm 1!25s at f8.
  33. This handsome bull elk was bugling yesterday, against the beautiful fall colors in Quebec.
  34. Here is the image of the bull elk.
  35. Tony - it's a lichen. It looks from the picture like a Cladonia, possibly Cladonia rangiferina or C.impexa, but you really have to get your hands on them to identify them. Also there will be Canadian species I've never even heard of! Most probably, the two colours are two separate species.
  36. Fungi beginning to make the most of autumn. Here is a glistening inkcap Coprinus micaceus on rotten wood.
  37. Gup, I'll confess to assisting the salamander up onto the fungi. Until I disturbed it while cleaning up some fallen wood nearby, it was peacefully resting under a bit of tree limb. After a portrait or two he was back under another piece of wood.
    And yes some truly wonderful images this week. Love the tiny yellow shouldered lady bug. Laughed at the worlds largest fly, wanted to make an omelet with John's shaggy mane coprinus mushroom and concur with David that the Cabot Trail is spectacular, and even more so than usual, at this time of year.
  38. Great Blue Heron and Marbled Godwits feeding in surf, taken this morning in Goleta, California.

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