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  1. I finally decide to get a Minox DSC silver. The reason is the lens. DSC silver does not share the same lens
    as DSC black. It has a fast F2 lens vs F2.8, hence a full stop faster. Optically DSC silver lens is the
    fastest compare with all Minox 8x11 camera's f3.5 lens.
    BHphotovideo has the best price +shipping. Although Adorama lists it at the same price, but with much higher shipping cost.
  2. Did they change the focal length?
    There doesn't seem to be room to make the lens larger?
    - Leigh
  3. Silver f=9mm
    black f=8.7mm
  4. Focusing dial
    0.6m 1.1m and infinity
  5. Minox DSC SILVER AT 0.6M
  6. Same page taken with Minox DSC black
    Clearly DSC silver is much superior at close up distance
  7. Hi Martin,
    What do you think of the build quality on the DSC? Is it actually metal or just silver-coloured plastic? Also how does the viewfinder compare to those in the original 8x11 minoxes?
    It seems like the specs are very close to the DCC (the one that looks like a Leica with the viewfinder on top). I wonder if it's the same lens and sensor?
  8. Anthony ,the DSC silver's top plate and bottom plate are metal, the body is silver color plastic.
    The lens is the same 9mm/f2 lens as the DCC 5.1, I believe it is the same sensor. This sharing
    of lens and sensor makes economy sense.
    The DSC viewfinder is simpler than Minox B,C,etc,, it has no view frame and no parallex correction.
    The only reason I prefer the DSC silver vs the DCC 5.1 is that it is difficult to find a case for DCC, while DSC comes with a soft case.
  9. It seems a pity that Minox haven't stepped up to the challenge of making a digital TLX, with metal body, close focusing and a high-quality parallax corrected viewfinder.
    I was recently looking a a Fuji X10, which is quite a large P&S and seems to have gotten very good reviews, and realized that the sensor size was actually smaller than an 8x11mm negative, even though it's considered large by digital camera standards.
    It seems like, if they dropped the need for a built in display screen, zoom lens, autofocus, flash, and all the other gadgets that plague modern compact digital cameras, they could quite easily make a camera with superior image quality to, say, the X10 and the size of an TLX.
    But I guess not enough people would pay what it would cost to make, so it won't happen.
  10. I saw this in the AP today:
    Tuesday 17th January 2012
    Chris Cheesman

    Minox has issued a statement on the future of its 'point-and-shoot' compact cameras after the firm's managing director suggested they were no longer worth investing in.

    Last week Minox's managing director Thorsten Kortemeier hinted to Amateur Photographer that the firm was pulling out of the digital compact camera market in the face of increased competition from camera phones.

    Speaking at the PMA@CESshow in Las Vegas on 12 January, Kortemeier said: 'We will not do any more compact cameras. I will not invest in them any more.'

    Five days later, Minox's PR unit swung into action, claiming his comments have sparked a flood of enquiries to the company's HQ in Germany with 'the number of Tweets (Twitter) and telephone enquiries from the local press increasing by the hour'.

    In a subsequent statement issued in a bid to clarify the matter this afternoon, Minox apologised for any 'misunderstanding' and said its MD had 'attempted to express the following':

    'According to GfK (community for market research), the market for digital cameras as a whole has gone markedly down, largely due to the increased use of mobile phones as a camera.

    'For this reason, Minox is concentrating on digital camera niche products such as the Digital Camera Classic, Spy Camera, trail cameras and sport optics products, making more than 60% of the gross turnover for Minox.

    'Despite this, Minox will continue to market a small assortment of digital compact cameras, such as the new DC 1611 with 16MP to be introduced in May.'

    A Minox spokesperson conceded that the firm will not be launching as many models in future, possibly as few as one or two per year.

    It is unclear whether production of the new DC 1611 has already started.
  11. Lets hope they keep the spy camera series =)
  12. I think that people would pay the cost of a digital LX if they got the size right. 8x11mm sized sensor would be bigger than many bridge cameras and most compacts (8x6mm downwards) but I would have thought the power and battery requirements would be the block.
  13. ph.


    not sure battery size would be a problem. The current lthium batteries have more juice than the old batteries used in the C and LX and the reason digital cameras eat batteries is the need to light the screen.
  14. [​IMG]
    Indoor plant
    DSC silver @ 0.6M
  15. [​IMG]
    Phone booth

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