Minox 8x11mm film slitter-Model II

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  1. This Prototype is one kind of the cutter blades type ,which is referenced by the ACMEL 8x11 film slitter.I thought this model might be cheaper cost then the roller blade type.But i was wrong,finally this design came out with more parts and cost almost round about the roller blades type slitter. One great advantage is the cutter replace is cheaper and easyer than the roller blade slitter. Jimmy
  2. Blade base set could be change : 9.2mm+9.2mm / 16mm+9.2mm etc
  3. Model II film slitter image-1
  4. Model II film slitter image-2
  5. Unbreakable design ! built like a tank
  6. Hi Martin,

    This prototype is more solid than my design,and if I tested everything all fine without problem then i will reduce a little thickness of the metal plates.On the other hand, i still got the rotation handle problem,which the black plastic on the photo is not my design too.I just found a replace handle to check the cutting result first.And i will put on my idea handle on when all the parts running smooth.I will keep on posting the finalizing item.


  7. Here comes the final shape.Rotation handle been changed to my ideal one.
  8. Cutting test film wide is 9.27mm
  9. It's my another film "eater"
  10. Here is the Link of My Slitter Model II

    Or if you email to for request the using manual.

    Thanks for the notice
  11. Jimmy, would suggest attachment or clamp through which you could permanently attach the unit to a worksurface.
  12. Hi,
    Appreciate your suggestion.I am collecting all the suggest now and will consider the further adjustment.
  13. Hi , I am interested in your Minox Model II. Let me know the price and shipping charges .My USA email is h.parzyowski1@vrizon.net

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