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Discussion in 'Minox' started by ginon_lee, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I've owned 2 Minox's till now and I have always been disappointed by the focus quality of Minox 35. First, I thought I was not so good at estimating distance so I bought a range finder but the quality of print is still the same. The photos are focused but they look like if they were taken with soft-focus filter or diffuse filter. Anyone agree with me?
  2. Given good scale focusing the Minox 35GT always gave me very sharp results. But scale focusing isn't so easy. You could have a bad one -- maybe marks on the lens or the lens isn't solidly cemented or possibly you're taking them at too slow a shutter speed and confusing camera movement with focus.
    Try taking a picture of something where if your focus is off, SOMETHING will still be in focus and see what happens. Better yet put it on a tripod if you can. If nothing is in focus and your shutter speed is at least say 1/250 just for the test (if handheld), then your Minox has problems. But the lens is quite good.
  3. If I remember correctly, there are three "grub" screws that hold the focus ring in place. I believe if the screws loosen from vibration or inept removal at some time, the focus will go out of proper setting. To reassemble, a piece of nonglare plastic tape stretched over the film gate, and the shutter fired at the slowest speed possible will allow you to "tweak" the focus until infinity at least 300 feet away is in focus. You may have to use a loupe to see this on the faux ground glass. You also may have to fire the shutter several times as it won't stay open as other cameras have a Time or Bulb setting making this task a lot easier. Once infinity is established, carefully tighten screws being careful not to strip them.
  4. ginon, I think the lens on you Minox is off focus.
  5. I certainly could not agree - my 35GT was very sharp.
    Either your focus is off, or possibly its the processing & printing that is the problem. You can eliminate or confirm that by shooting a roll of colour slide film.
  6. People, thanks for the responses. I compared the rangefinder with a 'rangefinder camera' and noticed that the rangefinder was actually not giving the right distances. So I am shopping around for a new one. I found a couple of cheap Lomo 'rangefinders' on the market but I wonder how accurate they are.

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