Minolta Dynax 7 won't turn on

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  1. I am new here. I hope I can be of help to some of you sometime in the future. In the meantime I need your help.

    I am so disappointed. I just bought a beautiful Dynax 7 camera, mailed from Japan, put a film in, took 2 shots, and turned the camera off. Then later when I turned it back on, the LCD display was blank, camera made some noise trying to initialize something, and then turned off again.

    I followed the procedure shown in the manual to open the camera back (was locked) and was able to get the film out, but the problem persists. I thought maybe the batteries were bad, so I took them out and measured them, even put some new ones in and nothing changed. Only when I did the reset procedure to get the film back open I did here the shutter released (at least sounded like that - either a mirror lock or something else).

    Please help if any of you have experience with this sort of thing.

    Thank you.
  2. Welcome to photo.net.

    I had a Dynax 7 briefly some years ago. It worked as expected with none of the problems you describe. I very much doubt that there's anything you can do, apart from request a return from the seller.
  3. My Maxxum 7 does the same. Too bad it's the only A mount Minolta that I have and I want to use.
    I have the 9xi, 800si, 70 but I hate them all.
  4. I am sorry to hear. It truly is an amazing camera. I ordered the VC-7 grip since I read in some of the forums that batteries may be the problem. I will report when it comes and I test it.

    Bebu Lamar, do you still use yours, or basically it is not usable once it gets into this stage?
  5. No I can't use it. It doesn't work at all. I asked in other forum if someone knows what's wrong with it but I have no answer. It's sitting in a cabinet now. I may throw it away later.
  6. I contacted a repair shop and described the issue, I am waiting to hear if they have a clue. I will report when I hear from them.
  7. Not so beautiful then, if it doesn't work for more than 2 frames.

    Apart from a few very expensive pro models, all film cameras are old. So really, what do you expect?

    And I bet you were planning on scanning the film to just end up with a digital file.
    Sony make an A mount-to-E adapter that allows Minolta lenses to be used on their digital MILCs, some with full AF functionality.
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  8. Thinking about the A900 but prices on such an old camera is still very high. The Dynax 7 is considered a new camera to me. I would say I either have bad luck or the camera wasn't well built enough to last long. I tend to think it's the later. My Kodak Retina Iia still fully functional.
  9. At this site there is a similar problem described, and it might be an aperture base plate problem you're experiencing - see Minolta Maxxum 7 problem

    Alternatively, it might be worth asking in the film camera forum at dyxum.com, there are some fairly knowledgeable people there.
  10. Thank you for the tip. I followed up, and found out that the problem happens due to the aperture plate issue. When I push the DOF button, I get the error on the display. Others have experienced the same. So, the camera goes back to the sender.

    Thanks for the valuable insights you all have. I hope to contribute in the future.
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