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  1. Love all the photos. Excellent.
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  2. ^^^ Ricochetrider , love that picture of the old Honda dream !
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  3. Something new. I have noticed that my favorite source of 120 films seems to be lagging as to restocking their wares, so I have begun a "search" for new emulsions should they bale from the business.
    CatLabs has REALLY bombarded the media about their latest product, so I ordered 2k20-072-010 ces13 bc bm.jpg a single roll of 120 material to "test drive". Here is a frame from that roll, used in my Agfa Isolette 3 (85mm Apotar). G filter with +1.5 f stop compensation. Weston 853 meter was set for 80 asa per CatLabs. Developing was with 3.0ml of Hypercat in a 450ml Nikor tank for 13 minutes. V600 scan. I found this single roll a bit thin in the shadow areas but believe with a little more exposure and reducing the development, my negs will fall right into my Zone System values. More to follow. Aloha, Bill
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  4. Next on the test list was a 120 roll of Arista.EDU, 100asa material. Again, the Agfa 3, W853 (@80asa) & Hypercat developing for 13m. Exposure was right on but a multitude of emulsion defects that require a heavy dose of editing 2k20-073-003 ces13 x bc bm.jpg will keep this film out of the "bucket" list. I have tested this emulsion offering yearly and still find the same manufacturing defects unchanged. Rolls of the 200 and 400 material still await testing.
    Aloha, Bill
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  5. Morning by the river, Hasselblad, sonnar 250, ektachrome copied with Fuji X-H1 hand held... :(


  6. Dry Valley House H10abw2.jpg
    Hasselblad 501CM. Looking at the shots on this thread, there is something compelling there that just isn't there in digital work. Wish I still had that camera!
  7. Thanks, Peter!
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  8. Others from France, La Marne.
    Sinar Hy-6 + Curtagon 60F3.5


    2 1318.jpg

    3 1319.jpg

    4 1322.jpg

    5 1324.jpg

    6 1325.jpg

    7 1327.jpg
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  9. Fuji GX617, 90mm, Kodak Ektar:
  10. France, Oradour sur Glane
    Rolleiflex 6008 + 110F2.0


    9 3a.jpg

    10 3c.jpg

    11 4c.jpg

    12 4e.jpg


  11. Mamiya 645 DF+, 28mm, Phase One P45:
  12. ^^ Those photos look like a war ravaged zone , yet all the electrical wires are fine ! Possibly a little story of the place . Peter
  13. No story necessary , I got off my butt and checked it out , pretty awful story . Peter
  14. Fuji GX617, 90mm, Kodak Ektar:
  15. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    Indeed. When I saw those photographs I thought it was something out of the props for Saving Private Ryan, until I Googled the place and... well, I have no words as to the horror — quite jarring and a ghastly reminder of the brutality of war long ago.
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  16. During my film tests, I tend to use the same "subjects". Here the house across the street, which also appears in the top of this thread. This time I am using Arista EDU 200 material. Same Isolette 3, Weston 853 meter (asa @ 160 ) and a G filter with + 1.5f compensation. The developer has been changed to Pyrocat HDC from the Hypercat. . . that bottle ran dry. V600 scan. Film densities came out spot on for my Zone System type of work.This film had a few emulsion "defects", but nothing on the order of the EDU 100 material from the previous posting. Aloha, Bill 2k20-076-012 c ces13 bc.jpg
  17. France, Bois de Boulogne
    Sinar Hy-6 50F4.0-FLE +CPL or 180F2.8 Emotion 75-LV


    16 1342.jpg

    17 1345.jpg

    18 1423.jpg

    19 1425.jpg




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  18. less woud be more^^
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