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  1. I've had the good fortune to be able to borrow a 40mm and 250mm lens for my Kowa Six . So off I went on my bike for a trip through the
    mountains in western B.C to try them out . The field of views were an example of extremes , both pictures taken from the same place . I was
    sure before starting this trip that I'd end up NEEDING both of them :) . It was a struggle to use a single roll of Delta 100 ! For the life of me ,
    I couldn't ( or can't) take advantage of either of those focal lengths . More film is where the money not spent will probably go .That's my
    rant for the day . Peter
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  2. R1-00580-0004.jpg Belfast waterfront Bronica 50mm lens polarizing filter.
  3. Titanic building Belfast Bronica 50mm lens R1-00580-0008.jpg polarizing filter
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  4. ^ I'm curious which model of Bronica this ? Peter
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  5. Sq-A. Had 2 copy & paste that letter after P not working on this keyboard
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  6. [​IMG]
    Franka Rolfix II Rodenstock Trinar 3.5/105 Ilford Delta 100
  7. Fuji GX617, 90mm, Kodak Portra:
  8. Old Belfast coal dock. Now marina Bronica 50mm R1-00580-0005.jpg
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  9. Big boat^^
  10. From a recent ride around the mountains of Central Pennsylvania with my vintage motorcycle & vintage camera. Hasselblad 500cm, 80mm Planar lens. Totally loving this Ilford Pan F Plus 50 film.



    More messing around with close-ups & my extension tubes; this is the #16 tube and 80mm Planar

  11. Nice bike. I have a 2014 R1200R
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  12. ^^ Nice looking road to ride :) . Peter
  13. Thanks, I like this one. I have a couple more, a 2002 K1200RS and a 1974 Norton Commando.

    I'm remembering now that I rode over these mountains that day and went quite a ways afterwards. Eventually my front end felt funny anti turned out I was very low on air pressure in the front tire. Fortunately by that time,I was just outside a small town. I limped about, finding an air pump at a local convenience store. Pumped the tire up and rode all the way home, about 25-30 more miles. New tires went on the bike shortly after.

    Yes thanks, it's lovely, one of my favorite local rides.
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  14. The Nomadic. Tender to the Titanic. In Belfast R1-00580-0007.jpg
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  15. @laurencecochrane Enjoying your photos of Belfast's revitalized waterfront. Thanks for posting them.
  16. here's a crop of a shot I took of Manhattan & the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this summer.
    Hasselblad 500cm, Rollei Superpan 200 film. Don't recall if this was the 80mm Planar or 50mm Distagon

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  17. Thanks, not long on this forum. Not long since I dug the Bronica out again. Been a while since I used a camera at all.

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