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  1. Voigtlander Bessa, 1930s folding 6x9 camera shot on T Max 400 film

  2. 3 recent shots from my Pennsylvania Coal Country series
    Hasselblad 500CM
    I think these are all 80mm Planar lens
    on Ilford Pan F Plus 50



  3. Bronica s2a 75mm 2.8 ilford xp2 super s2a after foam repair 3 20_0009_edited-1.jpg
  4. Agfa Record III, UFX 400, Hypercat & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k20-036-026 ces10 bc bm.jpg
  5. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Portra:
  6. Agfa Isolette 2 (85mm Apotar), UFX 100, Hypercat & V600. Aloha, Bill 2k20-058-004 ces26 bc bm.jpg
  7. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Portra:
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  8. Fuji GX617, 90mm, Kodak Portra:
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  9. Mamiya 645 DF+ 120mm T/S, Phase One P45. Lens tilted down:
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