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  1. sorry, I don't have Carl Zeiss Oberkochen 180 mm Sonnar...
  2. Aw shucks... Never mind. You will have soon. Il faut... et cetera.
  3. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about this photo. I really, really like the composition. Something between humorous, sexy, and a social statement.
  4. Technically, it is hazy soft and has a swirly and double contour bokeh. I did not expect that from a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar. But i never seen anything by that lens. Thanks for posting!
  5. Hello
    thank you for your complimentary comments.

    Indeed, this statue is very sexy, It is located in Paris, in the courtyard of the Senate.
    The fence encircling the garden, formerly a simple 80cm high fence, has been changed by these high gates capable of repelling bellicose peasants ...
    There is therefore a "social" character, alas, very sad.

    it is a modern CZJ in MC version, used at full aperture thanks to the 1 / 2000s of the shutter of the H-203 and despite a ROLLEI 400s exposed to 100 ASA ...
    My 180mm may not be the best of the 180mm produced, as there can be so much variation in the quality of these productions ...
    But I'm happy with that because after all, we don't always look for a razor-sharp rendering ...
    (and that would duplicate the Tele-Xenar of the 6008 ...)
    The processing can also have something to do with it, it is developed in Tetenal Ultrafin which is not a usual developer for this kind of film (but I like this rendering) and it is scanned on a V-750 without contrast enhancement or sharpening ...

  6. H-203 + CZJ 180

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  7. A0A6A647-6A18-4556-871B-C4C6876AA770.jpeg Mamiya 7; 80mm:
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  8. B7068CFE-B2C7-44C7-B10C-E68B3B5C1E4E.png
    Fujica GL690 with 100mm f3.5 Fujinon; T-Max in D76.
  9. H-203 + CZJ 180

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  10. Recent Pentacon Six TL with my Mir 26 (45mm) lens on some expired Acros !
    Train bridge over the Fraser river between New Westminster and Surrey ,B.C.
    Not a minute later a train crossed over , Holy Crap , was that Loud ! Peter

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