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  1. 500c, Ilford Pan F Plus 50, 250mm Sonnar

  2. ^^ In B.C , when you turn your plates in (for the season) they stop the automatic bank withdrawal that is part of our provincial
    vehicle insurance program . Back in response #26 is the bike I've been riding this year . Peter
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  3. ^^ Judging by the cylinder head bolts and cylinder base fasteners I'd say that shovelhead has a big bore kit ! Great photo .
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  4. @Giovanni Cappai
    Mamiya 645 DF+ 28mm, Phase One P45:
    Giovanni, can I ask you what kind of post is made here, is it a raw software or PS lab channels or bit of everything? I am planning to switch to MF that's why I am asking,
    Great image! thanks for sharing.
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  5. Thanks! Mostly Adobe RAW and some PS. Nothing fancy.
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  6. Mamiya 645 DF+, 28mm, Phase One P45:
  7. another of my latest from the 500c & 250mm Sonnar on Ilford HP5 film

  8. Last ride of the year , 7 degrees celcius ( but sunny :) ) .I can't make it past this old Ford without
    stopping for a picture . Along the Sea to Sky Hwy , near Shannon Falls , B.C . Bronica Etrsi ,75mm
    on Ilford Pan F+ , Hc-110 . Peter
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  9. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Ektar:
  10. Colorado, high elevation pond, Pentax 67, 55-100 zoom. 20720005 (1280x1044).jpg
  11. Near the Fountain Paint Pots, Yellowstone National Park


    Pentax 6x7 (Honeywell Non-MLU Handheld), SMC Pentax 6x7 55mm f/4
    Kodak 320TXP (220), HC-110B
  12. Mamiya 645 DF+ 80mm, Phase One P45:
  13. YahicaMat EM, Spiratone +2 Aux Lens, FP-4 & PMK-Pyro. V600 scan. Snoopy Rock by Nancy Collery. Aloha, Bill 2k18-2k1-dbwa-062-001 ces10 bc 11x14 rff.jpg
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  14. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    What a cracker!!!
  15. Fuji G617, Kodak Portra:
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  16. What a cracker!!!
    Thanks Gary. There was lightning all around and I debated whether I should risk it. I chose to shoot it and it turned out well.
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  17. Sure, grazie!
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  18. Mamiya 645 DF+ 300mm, Phase One P45:
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  19. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Ektar:

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