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  1. I shoot high school soccer on the field, so I am shooting ACROSS the field. This gave me some metering problems, as we play NIGHT games.
    At night the background beyond the field is DARK, so if I am pointed in that direction, the meter looks at the DARK background and increases the exposure, so the player is over exposed.
    My technique for handling that is to use single point AF, and set the active AF point to center +1 high. So the camera is pointed down slightly.
    Then I set the meter mode to center weight. This forces the camera to meter the center of the screen.
    With the combination of these 2, I put the AF on the player, and am metering the ground just in front of the player. This generally works OK.
    The only exceptions are:
    - When the player jumps up, and I try to track his jump. Then the center of the screen, and the meter, reads a higher and darker part of the image, and I get them overexposed.
    - LONG shots to the other side of the field. Because of the flat angle, I am metering the brighter central part of the field, not the darker edges of the field.
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