Maximum neg density (UV) ?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by martin_pistor, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Hi folks,
    after evaluating POP via a greyscale I found xtrahard negs are
    Any recommendations how to produce negatives with a appr. Dmin-Dmax
    of 2 or even a little more from subjects with normal contrast (wich
    is normally regarded to be 30-100 or log. 1,5-2) meaning I'd need a
    gamma of more then 1.
    Internegative process is known, but I'd like to use my 8x10 negs
  2. Expose longer, develop longer. See the HD curves for the films. Kodak's T-MAX data sheet is particularly generous with information.

    See the discussions on negative making at, as they also prefer longer-scale negatives for AZO paper. (You might get hooked on AZO, too.)

    Also see the B&W Photo - Alternative Processes forum here.
  3. Consider using a pyrogallol or catechol staining developer which produces higher contrast for POP and graded paper than for VC paper. PMK and Pyrocat HD are popular. You may also use a bleach and redevelop process to add the stain density to unstained negatives that are too low in contrast for POP. Bleach in a rehalogenating ferricyanide-bromide solution as is used for sepia toning. Wash, then redevelop to completion in PMK or Pyrocat in room light. Washing is necessacry, fixing is not.

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