Markers, Plaques, Slabs, etc.

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  1. Andre Michaux Botanist 1786 Charleston, SC DSC_8054-1.jpg
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  2. builder's plate
    0136 PlacaHierroFabricante-Constructor-PalacioCristal-SAF15-30EXDG.jpg Sigma AF 15-30 EX DG (16)
  3. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    DSCF0205 - Henry Blogg 001a.jpg

    Local Hero
  4. Greenwood pn.jpg
    "Dominate"? Sigh! And they no longer teach spelling in schools.
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  5. Lon784_web0.jpg
    Plaque explaining The Monument, London
  6. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  7. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    Old Adox CHS100 in my FED 3.
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  8. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

  9. Henry Freeman.
  10. (1600)Prague-Sunday-37(crop,dynmcrng,clrcrrct,crop,noise,clrcrrct,clean,hp5sft,9x6,hp2sft).jpg

    Every undergraduate mathematics student has "met" this fellow.(Prague)
  11. Rome- Martiri delle Fosse Ardeatine
  12. arty plaque.jpg
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