LTM options for a budget conscious Sonnarholic?

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  1. I've never shot an Industar, but the Sonnar 50 f2 and Helios 53 f1,8 I use with my Contax IIa are also lovely. Not entirely sure what the crossover might be to LTM, but I am pretty certain there is a 50 f1.5 Sonnar in LTM mount, if horrendously expensive these days.
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  2. Leica Showcase - Jupiter 8

    Jupiter-8: tend to be good. I like the early ones with Tabbed focus mount, and the later "single-Helical", front turns while focusing. I have found the early 1960s lenses without focus tab to have more "slop" in the focus mechanism. I tend to avoid those because of the mechanics, but the optics are fine.
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  3. For many years, the Canon 50/2.8 was the only lens I knew.
    (My dad bought it, along with a Canon VI, when I was one.)
    I even thought that 2.8. was as far as lenses went.
    (At least affordable by ordinary people.)

    When I was 10, my dad bought a Pellix, and often I
    got to use the Canon VI. I have pictures back to 5th grade,
    and much yearbook photography from 7th and 8th grade
    with that one.

    In any case, not so many years ago I got a Canon P
    with the Canon 50/1.4. That might be the first 1.4 lens
    I ever owned. But I don't see mention of that one so far.
  4. The Canon 50mm F1.4 is a Double-Gauss design, the earlier Canon 50/1.5 is a Sonnar- and a VERY good one. Prices are down for them.
  5. I've had and continue to use the f1.4 Canon 50 LTM on both a IIIg and M3 with the adapter. Even though it is physically large for the IIIg, it has aluminum in the mount so the weight is that of a smaller lens. It focuses easily on both camera bodies and I've had good results both wide open and stopped down. If you find one to try, make sure the front lens is in good shape, the mount has no play and it is internally clean. Wear on the black paint focusing mount is to be ecpected. It has a different look than the Sonnar clones, and I prefer it to my spotless f1.5 Summarit 50. As the front element is very near the front edge, I usually mount a UV filter along with a lens hood for protection. I'd buy one again if I needed a backup 50 LTM lens.
  6. My Canon 50mm f/1.8 is excellent and Don Goldberg serviced it for me. I have never tried the Canon 50mm f/1.5 as I have the Canon 50mm f.1.2 that works on my M3.

    I just might track down a Canon 50mm f/1.5 given all the good things said about it in this thread.
  7. Uploaded shots with the Canon 50/1.5 here:

    Canon 50 F1.5

    For users of Barnack Leica- the Canon 50/1.5 is smaller than the 50/1.8, has the least viewfinder blockage of a fast 50. For users of the Leica CL: the Canon 50/1.5 fits into the original pouch case.

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