LR43 6v instead of PX27

Discussion in 'Minox' started by ginon_lee, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Everyone! If we have to replace PX27 with other expensive
    6V batteries why don't you consider trying
    Toshiba LR43 (6v). It fits right into your old Minox 35.
    (I think it's actually the same size)
    I bought 3 more here in korea for less than 1.5 Euro(@ $1.5US)!!
    Toshiba is a well known japanese brand and made in Japan
  2. Afaik, Duracell LR43 is an alkaline 1.5 v button cell
    Alkaline cells are not suitable for Minox cameras
  3. PX27 mercury battery is 5.6V nominal. Depending on the metering circuitry, the result can be 1/3 to 2 full stops different when using a 6V version.
  4. The exact type of the batt. is:
    Toshiba 4LR43 6V

    Even if we use the adapter kit it's 6V, isn't it?
  5. ginon

    4LR43 is 4 LR43 alkaline cells stacked up together, 4x1.5 v= 6v

    However, the voltage all alkaline cell drops gradually, from 6v to 5.9 v, 5.8 v, 5.5v .... without you knowing it; so the exposure meter
    reading changes over time.

    Mercury cell/silver oxide cell has steady discharge curve, SPX27
    stays a 6 v, and then dies suddenly, as long as it works , it stays
    Alkaline cells is not suitable for Minox cameras.
    Alkaline cells is cheaper
    You should look for 4SR43 6V battery, that is silver oxide
  6. Why are Alkaline cells ill-suited to Minox cameras? If they indeed have balanced circuits and the 6.2v of the standard 8x11 replacement (4x1.55v Ag cells) works the same as the 5.3v of the 4xMe cells that made the PX27 with its "normal" rating of 5.6v, then a drop from the 6v of an Alkaline cell should not make much matter. The chief issue, as I see it, is LESS the voltage but the discharge curve where an Alkaline can dip below the voltage where one might want these cameras to operate and the typically testing regime for these cameras (1/1000th second) won't work reliably. Given, however, the incredibly low cost of the Alkaline cells and their lower starting voltage I could imagine, with a good bit of discipline on testing and replacement of the cells (in perhaps more frequent intervals), that they are quite well suited, perhaps better...
  7. The camera has a zener diode.This usually stabilizes voltages over or below the specified voltage. Minix is squarely to blame. There is nothing on their official site about this issue. We need to scream in German!
    take four SR44 (1.5v ) batteries or two DL 1/3n Lithium (3v ) batteries or 4 SG13 batteries with the positive (+) of each battery facing the negative pole (group them in series). Tape them using a single layer of insulation tape and use the batteries. They should work. Lithium battheries offer the best discharge charectersistics and shouldbe the ideal choice for any photographic equipment. The extra 0.4 volts should not matter. The Zener diode will clip the voltage.

    The usenet groups should communicate with MINOX directly and have their official word abouth this ...

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