Lightroom or Print Studio Pro?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by Dave410, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Hi All,
    I got my first real photo printer as part of a package deal at B&H and I'm trying to get smart about printing. The printer is a Canon Pixma Pro-100 and I have the option of printing through Lightroom or using a Canon plug-in called Print Studio Pro. Any suggestions? Is one better than the other?
    By the way, that printer is incredible, at least in comparison to other non-photo inkjet printers I've owned. I printed a test photo of some flowers and showed it to my girlfriend with the explanation "This is my first attempt. I'm sure I can get better," but she loved it and went out and bought a picture frame. It's hanging on the wall right now. Look out, Ansel Adams!
  2. Nice Printer. I would still use Lightroom, but that's me. It allows you to keep your workflow within one program, create virtual copies without adding disk space and you can print contact sheets, photo packages, etc.
  3. Thanks, Rich. I was kinda leaning that way too, but selecting the printer and paper settings from within Print Studio Pro are a bit easier and less confusing. I suppose that once I learn them for Lightroom it will be fine.
  4. I've got the Pixma Pro-10, which should have the same version Print Studio Pro, and vastly prefer this plugin (I use it from PS Elements, but it should work and behave exactly the same). Tried both to see if there is any difference in the final print with similar settings, I couldn't find any; also saw no big obvious things missing in Print Studio Pro compared to the (advanced) print options in PS Elements. So I'm using the one I find easiest to use, and where I can easily create presets for any paper I use.
    Note that Print Studio Pro does not replace Lightroom in any way, shape or form, so all the advantages of Lightroom remain. It's just a plugin with an alternative approach to printing - you send a file to it from Lightroom to print, nothing else.
  5. I have the Pro 100. I have done a lot of printing with it in Lightroom.. The print menu in LR is a pain trying to
    figure it out. Too many options. However, I just did some printing from a large swimming meet I shot. The
    pictures are great. It eats CL 42 ink cartridges and they cost around a hundred dollars for an eight cartridge set
    from B&H but I spend the money. I calibrated my monitor and that single calibration has worked for quite awhile.
    I use Spyder Pro 5.0. I set Abobe RGB on the camera and for printing. It represents color quite accurately with
    the calibrated screen.
  6. I use Print Studio Pro, it operates as a plugin and is fully compatible with LR. It works very well on Pro mode and ensures that you are always getting the highest quality print (if you set it up that way) and ensures there are no conflicts between ICC profiles and papers (if you are using Canon papers). If you are not using Canon papers I suspect PSP is less useful, but I don't know. It makes life much easier, but like everything digital you can increase the complexity of your workflow by choosing everything yourself and working through all the options directly. I generally prefer to keep things simple if I can, but some people seem to prefer the opposite approach.
  7. It eats CL 42 ink cartridges​
    No more than any other equivalent inkjet.
  8. Print Studio Pro, definitely. I have used it with the Pro-10 and Pro-1000 and I've printed the same images using standard Lightroom
    and Photoshop (both are CC2015 versions) as well.
  9. Printing in Lightroom has always seemed overly complicated to me, so I should take another look at Print Studio Pro. Many thanks!
  10. Its software, just use both and see what makes sense to you. Lightroom has some options perhaps the other doesn't, and maybe even vise versa. Try both, and report back.

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