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  1. Posts as many photos as you like...the THEME is CAR SHOWS... IMG_3059 -1 (2) A.jpg
  2. IMG_3089 -1 (2) A.jpg
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  3. U can edit your posts within 10-15 minutes and delete redundant photos (although Sam probably thinks multiple images are cool)
  4. I tried to delete the photos that were duplicate...I can't! What's up with that?
  5. I've never found a way to completely delete a double or triple post without leaving a "." or something in its place. Anyway, here's my car show photo (one copy only I hope).
    Monterey 11_Cherry's Jubilee_3.jpg
  6. Edit your post and choose ‘more options’. You can delete the redundant images from there

    Each image will be stacked, press the delete button against each image.

    Mod Note:
    Correct procedure, and also to samstevens' comments below, too - thank you both for advising.
    But note the User only has 10 minutes as you mentioned
    I've deleted the multiple exposures.
    I'll leave the commentary.
    The PN system has been somewhat recalcitrant the last week or so.

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  7. MG TD not at a show ,parked on the street Southwold Suffolk last July. Sanford I like the open topped one.
    MG&Audi_F1934-568 (1 of 1).jpg
  8. .


  9. .

    IMG_0407.jpg .

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  11. .

    Believe me, the shrug was not meant for you! :)

    Those of us who've been around know the ... shall we say ... idiosyncracies of the PN system as well as its technical ... shall we say ... challenges. The last few days, the system has been slow and timing out a lot, which is often what results in multiple posts of the same image, and the usual 10-minute edit time may be compromised by technical factors working against you. Generally, it's true that you have 10 minutes to edit a post by hitting the small EDIT button that appears at the bottom of each post for that 10-minute period, then going to MORE OPTIONS, where you should ... should ... get a delete button for images that got uploaded. If the image is the only thing in your post, you will have to replace it with something, since the system won't accept empty text boxes as a legitimate post. I often use a period that I make white with the color tab at the top of the text box. Others will use NM for "never mind" or will type "duplicate post."

    My own double post above was intentional, of course, in a gestural sort of way!
  12. There is a time limit on alterations.....

    Yugo with Hemi :D
  13. I know...no worries...
  14. Anyway, this is from a recent jaunt through one of my favorite little waterside towns, Port Costa, about an hour from San Francisco right on the banks of the Carquinez Straits. It's old world northern California, with great junk shops ... I mean antique stores, lol ... and a homey restaurant called the Bull Valley Inn friends and I like to go when we're in the mood for fried chicken and grits served family style. I decided to stop for a stroll through town on my to Sacramento a few weeks ago and these guys were nice enough to pose for me with their strikingly orange whatever it is ... looks like a hearse to me but, then again, I'm not terribly well-versed in cars. I guess the insignia on the front would give it away to someone more literate in "car" than me. Forgive me, this was only a "car show" in the sense that they were anything but reticent to show it off, as you can see. In any case, I can't quite put my finger on why I'm posting it ...

  15. Gerald, one of those guys would get a ticket here.
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  16. SCL


  17. Auto show at the Marin Civic Center back about ten years ago. They had some beautiful cars out there including Janis Joplin's Porsche.




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